Theology-related tweet for the day

“… very proper and entirely depraved …” Well said.

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Kathleen Parker: Time for Trump to go

Where does this leave us? What might one deduce from the Helsinki summit? Either Trump is too thoroughly inept to continue as president, or his predatory nature, as demonstrated in his business — not to mention his boasting about aggression toward women — has led to his collecting rogues to enhance his own power. Or both. In any case, he has stepped over all lines of acceptable presidential behavior and presents a clear and present danger to the United States.

When our chief executive, whose principal job is to defend both the Constitution and the nation against aggressors, stands alongside our chief geopolitical foe and betrays two of our most important institutions in the service of his own ego, he has dimmed the lights in the shining city on a hill and left the world a far darker place.

Kathleen Parker

Again: Though nobody could have foreseen that we’d be talking about treason, specifically, a mere 18-months into Trump’s tenure, any clear-headed adult with two eyeballs and a properly functioning mind did know long before the election that Trump’s presidency would be catastrophic.

What I didn’t foresee is that Congressional Republicans would be so cowardly and servile, that they would stand idle as Trump systematically dismantled the security of the West and the intellectual gains of the Enlightenment. Mike Pence is no prize, but at least he lacks Trump’s cynical and predatory charisma.

Do your duty, Congress.

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Quote for the day

We shall learn from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation whether in 2016 there was collusion with Russia by members of the Trump campaign. The world, however, saw in Helsinki something more grave — ongoing collusion between Trump, now in power, and Russia.

George Will

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Swapping one cult for another

As I said yesterday, Trump’s hardcore supporters aren’t going to be put off by his toadying to Vladimir Putin.

So it went in interviews with Republican voters across the country on Monday and Tuesday, most of them devoted to the president’s policies generally. They quickly sorted themselves into two camps: those who winced at the episode, or at least questioned it, and those who continued to defend Mr. Trump without hesitation.

If history is a guide — and polling, too — the second group is significantly larger within the party. And for Mr. Trump’s true loyalists, the Helsinki meeting and its aftermath have once more inspired a sense of fury and grievance on his behalf. It is not merely that they support the president in spite of his Russia stance, like Republican lawmakers who grimace at times but largely embrace his agenda. Increasingly, these voters have absorbed Mr. Trump’s every viewpoint, his scapegoats, even his language tics as their own.

Trumpism has become a cult and, though the narratives are all different, devout Trumpists are as out of touch with reality as devout Southern Baptists and devout Scientologists.

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Odd tweet series of the day

Nope. Trump screwed-up so badly, so egregiously, so inexplicably, that now the word ‘treason’ in the air.

And, then, this non sequitur moments later.

Nope, again. Trump is leading the Republicans to an epochal bloodbath.

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