Does Trump know the Pledge of Allegiance?

This clip has been making the rounds today because The Donald appears to omit the words “under God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance but, honestly, it isn’t clear to me that he or Melania knows the Pledge at all.

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Pious delusions

Evangelicals continue to deny that climate change is real and driven by human activity.

Many Christians, especially white Christians, have embraced denial of climate science.

[ … ]

For now, the West is burning while most white Christians turn away from the root causes of the devastation.

Many white Christians believe God won’t let climate change destroy the earth. Others see climate-related disasters as signs of the end times. White evangelicals continue to support Donald Trump overwhelmingly, even though the Trump administration has tried to roll back more than 100 environmental protection regulations.

This is why even mainstream religions should not be viewed as harmless eccentricities; they are untrue and affirmatively harmful and should be confronted. Pastor Bubba’s resolutely ignorance endangers us all.

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Feel the love-love-love

Jerry Falwell, Jr., no longer exists.

Liberty University’s top lawyer instructed staff members Thursday to refrain from communicating with ousted former president Jerry Falwell Jr., who he warned had placed “uncomfortable” calls to various employees in the days following his resignation.

In an email obtained by The News & Advance, David Corry, Liberty’s general counsel, informed employees they are barred from providing information about the school, taking orders, performing tasks or offering favors for Falwell while on university time.

And so goes — Falls? — another Godly dynasty.

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Melding the personal and professional

Donald Trump is using government lawyers to defend what is clearly a private, non-public lawsuit.

The Justice Department moved on Tuesday to replace President Trump’s private legal team with government lawyers to defend him against a defamation lawsuit by the author E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of raping her in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s.

In a highly unusual legal move, lawyers for the Justice Department said in court papers that Mr. Trump was acting in his official capacity as president when he denied ever knowing Ms. Carroll and thus could be defended by government lawyers — in effect underwritten by taxpayer money.

This makes sense only if Trump’s interests, and the Federal government’s, are one and the same — if Trump’s denial was, in essence, an official act undertaken in his role as president.

This is nonsense. I am not especially surprised to learn that Trump likes the idea that the government is merely an extension of himself — but what on earth has happened to William Barr to make him agree?

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Cohen: Falwell sold out for photos

According to Michael Cohen, Jerry Falwell, Jr., endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency to settle a debt — the suppression of racy photos.

In his book released today, Michael Cohen, the former fixer for U.S. President Donald Trump, ties for the first time the 2016 presidential endorsement of Trump by American evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr to Cohen’s own role in helping to keep racy “personal” photographs of the Falwells from becoming public.

That’s cheap in those circles, I guess.

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