An unconvincing endorsement

Roy Moore, credibly accused of multiple instances of an unseemly interest in underage teenage girls, says it’s time for the Senate to quit messing around and confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

Former Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore called on Republicans to “take a stand” and support suggested U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh following the sexual misconduct allegations levied against him, adding that he believes the Democrats are using Kavanaugh’s accuser as a political pawn.

[ … ]

“I think they need to take a stand. I think they need to do what their conscience dictates. They know what’s happening,” Moore told One America News in an interview posted Wednesday. “It’s so obvious that these tactics are used just days before a very important event …but these come up right before an election or a confirmation, and I think the Republicans need to take a stand. I think a lot of them don’t. They don’t like criticism.”

There you go. Roy Moore is a regular expert regarding charges of sexual misconduct, so if he says Kavanaugh is good to go I guess that settles it.

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And then there’s the loonies

The Kavanaugh nomination is already weighed-down with all sorts of atypical problems.

  • An allegation of sexual misconduct against a powerful male is typically followed by a chorus of similar accusations, as in the case of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, et. al. Thus, #MeToo. But the allegation against Kavanaugh was immediately rejected by a lot of women who know him and have worked closely with him.

  • Both Kavanaugh and his accuser enjoy good, hard-earned professional reputations.

  • False eyewitness accounts are known to occur; they have even put defendants on death row.

  • The alleged event occurred at a teenage drinking party; there is sound reason to question the accuracy of accounts of what occurred.

  • The accuser named a witness — and the witness’ denials are equivocal.

Given all that, I don’t fault Senators for wondering how to vote and trying to sort-out what they think of this unhappy situation.

But this, from a Holy Man no less, serves no purpose but to blacken Ford’s name and stoke a sense of grievance among those impatient to see Roe overturned.

Kavanaugh accuser’s motive revealed!!

Christine Blasey Ford, who suddenly remembered that 36 years ago, as a teenager in high school, Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, also a high school student at that time, attempted to rape her. She also tried to convince us all that he was a fall down drunk at the time. [emphasis in original]

No, Ford did not suddenly remember. She took a lie detector test about the attempted rape years ago, and there are confirming notes from a psychologist.

Naturally all the left leaning media headlined this story for days on end in an attempt to torpedo Brett Kavanagh’s Supreme Court confirmation which Communist Democrats fear would end Roe Vs. Wade which legalized the cruel slaughter of millions of pre-born babies.

Got slurs, Reverend Miles? And how is an allegation of attempted rape by a Supreme Court nominee not worthy of headlines?

It’s true that the Pious can’t risk being finicky about facts, and their entire enterprise rests upon slurs. (Y’all are no damn good. You were born no damn good, and you can never be any damn good.) By even the dismal standards of the Godly, though, this is over the top. Whatever else might be said about this latest rhubarb in our civic life, at least we’ve got yet another example of the squalor and corruption of the Evangelical Right.

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Eyewitness misidentifications

According to the Innocence Project, the leading cause of wrongful convictions is eyewitness misidentification.

Eyewitness misidentification is by far the leading cause of wrongful convictions. Nationwide, 75% of wrongful convictions that were overturned by DNA testing involved erroneous identifications from victims or witnesses.

Decades of solid scientific research, combined with a growing body of real-world experience, show that eyewitness identification is often fallible. Simple reforms have been proven to increase the accuracy of identifications.

I mention this because no few of the television commentariat have ballooned with outrage at the suggestion that perhaps Dr. Ford has misidentified Brett Kavanaugh as her attacker.

Granted, it sounds implausible; how could a woman mistake the face of the man who attacked her? The well-documented fact is that it does happen, however, and the possibility has to be considered when we’re talking about two solid citizens with good reputations.

It doesn’t need much imagination to picture a scenario where then 15-year old Dr. Ford has had a drink or two, is assaulted, and later, innocently and in good faith, fills in her memory of the attack with the wrong face. It happens, and at least explains the immovable contradictions in their stories.

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Franklin Graham: It’s “not relevant”

I have to admit to mixed feelings about the Kavanaugh confirmation mess; I don’t know whether I believe the allegations and, if true, I don’t know if he ought to pay all his life for bad behavior as a teenager — especially when there’s no shortage of women who say he has never been anything but a gentleman. On the other hand, Kavanaugh has lied to the Senate if the allegations are true and, yes, that should be disqualifying.

I do know that I don’t think much of Franklin Graham’s willingness to shade the facts and then turn a blind eye.

Well there wasn’t a crime that was committed. These are two teenagers and it’s obvious that she said no and he respected it and walked away–if that’s the case but he says he didn’t do it. He just flat out says that’s just not true. Regardless if it was true, these are two teenagers and she said no and he respected that so I don’t know what the issue is. This is just an attempt to smear his name, that’s all.

Graham is lying to Robertson’s gullible listeners.

  • The only account we have of the encounter is Ford’s, and she says she escaped when Kavanaugh’s buddy jumped on top of she and Kavanaugh. According to the only account we have, Kavanaugh did not accept “No” and then retreat.

  • Ford requested anonymity, and agreed to be identified by The Washington Post only a few days ago; Feinstein was not free to publish the letter, and there is no reason to think this is a last-minute ambush meant ot “smear his name.”

None of this will persuade the evangelicals who accept Graham’s and Robertson’s gibberish that the “deep state” will do anything to defeat an abortion-hostile nominee, which of course is exactly why Graham is willing to lie and look away.

Whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed, there is no doubt whatever about Franklin Graham’s character, and it’s just one more nail in the coffin that the Evangelical Right is making for itself. They’re not fooling anybody with two functioning eyes connected to a functioning mind.

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So long, TIME

TIME Magazine hasn’t been important for years. After all, Donald Trump managed to keep a fake TIME magazine cover featuring himself hanging on his golf course clubhouse walls for years — and nobody noticed. Who cares who is on the cover of TIME? It’s a bit like discovering that a retired actor, or politician, or writer is still alive — who knew?

What do you know? From its heyday as one of the world’s most important news outlets, to the dysfunctional merger of TIME-Warner and AOL, to its quick-flip acquisition by an Iowa media company with no background in news to, now, its purchase by a tech billionaire who knows nothing whatever of publishing or news gathering. It’s sad, embarrassing, vaguely reminiscent of the heroic sled dog Balto’s eventual poor treatment in vaudeville.

It’s time to stop milking the name and allow TIME Magazine to go off to a dignified retirement.

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