Irritating tweets of the day

For several reasons, these are the most irritating of the Fabulist-in-Chief’s recent tweets.

This one is annoying because of the juvenile misspell of Schiff’s name, and the bald dishonesty of Trump’s comparison. Bob Mueller has twice been confirmed for federal jobs by the Senate, and his present position does not require Senate confirmation. Whitaker’s position does require Senate confirmation; Trump undoubtedly knows this, because every news network has remarked this at least a dozen times. Millions of his nitwit Twitter followers will be charmed by the misspell, however, and even more will be vexed at the ‘injustice’ of Mueller not requiring Senate confirmation. None will believe that Trump is lying to them.

This tweet is simply cynical opportunism. I share the view that Clinton screwed-up by not going after bin Laden — but that’s a misjudgment that long preceded 9/11. To suggest that the home team didn’t want bin Laden, or made only a half-hearted effort to capture him following 9/11, is squalid.

Trump is a deformed and misshapen man, a cynical, amoral, and self-serving liar; he soils whatever he touches.

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The final word

CNN’s Van Jones has the final word on regressive leftism, safe spaces, et cetera, et cetera.

Exactly so. Bad ideas are defeated by better ideas, not by censorship.

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Back in the ol’ hometown, ctd

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The cosmic battle for California

Y’all will doubtless be comforted to learn that ‘prophetess’ Kat Kerr has ordered the winter storm anticipated on the east coast to put out the California wildfires.

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr posted a video on her Facebook page yesterday ordering the winter storm that is bringing freezing rain and snow to the East Coast to shift and head west in order to extinguish the devastating wildfires that have been ravaging California.

Wildfires have been raging for more than a week and have already destroyed thousands of homes and taken dozens of lives, but Kerr is only now getting around to “taking authority” over them, ordering rain to fall on the region and calling on God to remove the oxygen from the fires.

“We command [the hosts of heaven] to get in there and break up those fires,” Kerr declared. “We command a low pressure system to come. Why do I say that? Because a low pressure system brings rain and we need rain in that part of the country right now … We command them to begin to fizzle, to go out, let the oxygen be removed from the fire itself but not from any of the surrounding atmosphere.”

Whether or not Ms. Kerr’s supernatural powers can overcome the powers of all the Southern Baptist preachers who endlessly summon perdition against California will be decided in the next few days, I guess.

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Tweet-storm of the day

Apparently, the Fabulist-in-Chief really didn’t enjoy his oatmeal this morning.

He’s going to get crazier as reality closes-in, and his cult is going to get more frantic. Buckle your seatbelts.

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