Who owns rainbows?

Well. This is interesting.

It seems that a young woman in Louisville, Kentucky (Albert the Pious’ fiefdom) has been expelled from a Catholic school there because she wore a rainbow-decorated shirt to her birthday-celebration dinner with her family, whereat she was given a rainbow-decorated cake.

Concluding that the photo, posted by the girl’s mother on Facebook, evidenced inadequate loathing of gay people — perhaps even sympathy for the gay rights movement — Whitefield Academy expelled her.

The private school claims the picture is the latest in two years’ worth of “lifestyle violations.” In the email, Dr. Jacobson said the picture “demonstrates a posture of morality and cultural acceptance contrary to that of Whitefield Academy’s beliefs.”

I have to hold my nose and come down on the side of the school.

Granted, the average teenage girl is a sentimental idiot inclined toward hanging little glass unicorns and rainbows in windows, and I suppose it’s possible that she innocently wore the rainbow as a decoration that she likes — but I doubt that. Gays own the use of the rainbow as a political symbol no less than racists own the Confederate battle flag as a political symbol and, given that the school specifically condemns homosexuality, it simply isn’t believable that neither she nor her family knew that the clothing and the cake constituted a violation of the published rules.

The club has the right to make and enforce its own rules. What is more, this is a well-known rule; I would expect such a rule at a Catholic school. I would be startled to learn that a Catholic school did not have such a rule. I think it’s a stupid rule grounded on ignorance, and I wonder why any sensible set of parents would want their daughter raised in such an environment — but that’s beside the point. No foul here that I can see, and the girl ought to be grateful that the school has done what her parents don’t seem to have the sense to do — get her out of that squalid pesthole.

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Back in the ol’ hometown, ctd

Can’t say that headlines about a cannibal near Detroit actually surprises me.

Latunski told police that he stabbed Bacon twice in the back of his neck, then strung him up, then sliced his throat, Kaiser said.

He confessed that he then castrated Bacon with a knife, took Bacon’s testicles upstairs, cooked them and ate them, Kaiser said.

The court has ordered a competency evaluation.

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Squalid retweet of the day

Just so’s you know, Donald Trump still thinks and behaves like a child.

His ignorant base is in rapture.

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Diss of the day

According to the New York Times, Bernie Sanders is disparaging Elizabeth Warren as too smart.

A nearly yearlong run of good will between two of the leading progressives in the 2020 presidential race, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders, appears to be evaporating in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses.

Ms. Warren said on Sunday she was “disappointed” that Mr. Sanders’s campaign had been using a script for volunteers that suggested she was appealing mainly to highly educated voters and would not be able to expand the Democratic Party coalition.

As I said months ago, the Harvard association irrevocably poisons a portion of the electorate against her. I didn’t anticipate, however, that it would be another Democrat who would exploit it.

Clearly, the Democrats aren’t ready to assume the Republicans’ abandoned mantle as the party of education and accomplishment. Or, perhaps Bernie has lost track of the changes in the two parties. Whatever is the case, I am unalterably opposed to anybody who suggests that a good education is a negative.

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Self-aggrandizing tweet of the day

I know people so foolish they will credit Donald Trump with defeating cancer. Seriously: there are such people.

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