Round Two

Occasionally, I regret moral progress and think it’s unfortunate that corrupt leaders are no longer frog-marched to a public square and beheaded. Hell, I’d spend actual money for a ticket if I knew some contemporary politicians and Holy Men were on the docket.

So, really, I think The Donald is getting off lightly with impeachment and, if convicted, nothing worse than a lifetime ban on holding federal office. He belongs in prison — at least.

The question du jour seems to be, Why bother? There are two good reasons:

  • First, a country unwilling to defend itself and hold sedition’s ringleaders accountable is decadent and deserves to be overthrown. Civic health demands that Trump be held accountable; it’s a matter of mental hygiene.

  • Second, what offense will we say that Hawley and Cruz et. al. have committed if Trump himself is not held to account? How will we hold them accountable? How will we hold the rioters accountable if we don’t hold those who urged their lawlessness accountable?

I have sympathy for the argument that ‘getting’ Trump may not be worth the civic turmoil it will inevitably entail, but that price must be paid.

Further, though all the talking-heads seem to agree that Trump will be acquitted by a trial in the Senate, I’m not so sure of that.

  • The Senators have at least 2-years of breathing room, 2-years before they again have to face the voters — and the likelihood is that Trumpism will weaken as time passes and the diehards resort increasingly to violence. There will always be a Loony Right — but they are on track toward the fringe, again, where they belong.

  • I imagine that Senators, just like everybody else, are moved to Old Testament levels of vengeance when a mob is sicced on their offices.

So I don’t think at all that it’s foreordained that Trump will escape scot-free; I think there are at least even odds that he will be convicted.

Last, I don’t have any warm feeling for those people — including Joe Biden — who carry-on about ‘unity,’ ‘unifying,’ ‘understanding,’ et cetera, et cetera. I don’t want to be their friend, and I don’t want to understand them; I want the people who attacked this country out of our shared public life life, and preferably out of this country. Since that isn’t likely, I’ll be satisfied if they’re in prison and I’m not obliged to share the public streets with them.

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Eating their own

An evangelist apologized for mistakenly predicting that Donald Trump would be re-elected in November and — Hoo-Boy! — he is catching some grief.

Over the last 72 hours, I have received multiple death threats and thousands upon thousands of emails from Christians saying the nastiest and most vulgar things I have ever heard toward my family and ministry. I have been labeled a coward, sellout, a traitor to the Holy Spirit, and cussed out at least 500 times. We have lost ministry partners every hour and counting.

[ … ]

To my great heartache, I’m convinced parts of the prophetic/charismatic movement are far SICKER than I could have ever dreamed of.

Right. Because Trump really did win the election, just like Jesus wanted, and then wicked liberals STOLE his triumph. Or, something. The other possible explanation is that a significant part of the American population is affirmatively nuts.

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The end of magical thinking

Going back a half-century to McCarthyism, the John Birch Society, the Minutemen and the White Citizens’ Councils, anywhere from a tenth to a quarter of Americans have supported radical-right views. Only under Trump did the heirs to such movements win support from the Oval Office.

Trump’s defeat alone might not have defused the threat. But the horrors in the halls of Congress — along with the GOP’s decisive setback in Georgia’s Senate runoffs — finally induced a mass conversion experience among Republicans who long shored up a corrupt and dangerous regime. Except in the fever swamps, Trump will come to represent not a noble lost cause but a catastrophic turn from reason.

E.J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post

At too-long last the fever has broken, the magical thinking is at an end. No, you can’t indulge lunacy — fantastic conspiracies, alternative facts, bogus science — at no cost, you can’t build a safe and decent world on vaporous notions from the fever swamp. I don’t mind admitting a thrill of schadenfreude as I watch the growing list of companies and organizations that are cutting ties with Trump and everything Trump-related; maybe, just maybe, it signifies that the grown-ups mean to reassert themselves.

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Yes. Prosecute.

Until recently, I felt a lot of sympathy for Joe Biden’s reported reluctance to prosecute Donald Trump after he leaves office. We saw last Wednesday what his followers are really like, and there was sound reason to worry about their reaction to criminal prosecution of Trump for sundry offenses: tax evasion, being too friendly with the Russians, exploiting his office for personal gain, on and on.

Perhaps it would be better to just let him fade into the sunset and let tempers cool? After all, that worked with Nixon.

But Trump incited deadly violence against a co-equal branch of government, and did it in order to overturn an election and remain in office. Granted, he made a clumsy job of it — and in the event was cowardly, wasn’t with his marks — and deployed disorganized morons without a plan, but there is no escaping that he stoked an insurrection: He tried to overthrow a lawful election and, implicitly, the government itself.

For that he belongs in prison, whatever the civil price the country must pay.

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Russell Moore incinerates his career

One of the few genuinely likeable figures in the Southern Baptist Convention has called on Donald Trump to resign.

Moore, a raging liberal by SBC standards, is already a controversial figure within the SBC, and this will not go unnoticed within a denomination that generally admires Donald Trump.

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