Quote for the day

I’ve been diligently observing, waiting to see what line Trump could cross that would trigger outrage and rebuke from the white evangelicals who enabled his rise to power. There has been none. As Trump has disparaged immigrants, demonized Muslims, encouraged white supremacist groups, valorized the Confederacy, and used the Bible as a political prop, white evangelicals have not only sat idly by but incorporated these bigoted values into what they then defend as a biblical worldview.

Robert P. Jones

The remarkable thing about this quote is not its content, which is something I and a great many others have talked about for years, but where it appears: Baptist News Global.

The incandescent hypocrisy of the pews is in plain sight of anybody who looks and has a properly-functioning mind, and a single indignant pastor is not going to change much; more likely, the editor’s mailbox is already filling with angry complaints.

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