That Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the discovery of the famous Lucy skeleton 41-years ago today.

Would it surprise y’all to learn the the Godly Folk are seriously unhappy about it?

The evidence — the actual observations made by living human being for 2-centuries at locations all over the earth — says otherwise. Note that: This moron actually believes that the ‘revelation’ given to Bronze Age anonymities carries more weight than the evidence.

Answer: For the exact same reason there are still Catholics after the Protestant Reformation.

Sometimes, the ignorance of my fellow citizens is downright staggering.

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Memo from the Propaganda Underground

And day now, wicked lefties may start launching false-flag Christian terrorism operations!

Leftists’ hatred of Christianity has become so fanatical that they now reflexively blame or demonize Christians whenever non-Christians engage in terrorism and violence. This escalating radicalism should force society to ask: Will leftists next create and fund phony Christian terrorist groups so they can further their War on Christianity?


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Feel the love-love-love department

A Baptist Church in Mississippi helpfully explains that Allah and Satan are one and the same.

Gina Miller, quite possibly the most deranged person in all of the United States, excitedly gurgles that Cowan Road Baptist Church is HER CHURCH!! and damn tootin’ ALLAH IS SATAN!!

I love and admire Chris Ashley, and I thank the Lord that he is my pastor and brother in Christ. He is a leader, a truth-teller, and he is courageous. Courage is contagious. If hundreds or even thousands of Christian churches across America had the courage to put this message on their signs, Muslim activists, along with the truth-hating, left-wing media, would have a hard time keeping up their attacks against those of us who speak the truth.

What Pastor Chris wrote about Jesus and Allah is true. Islam is a political-militant ideology born in Hell and authored by Satan himself. Allah certainly is Satan. Islam is one of his master stroke creations, leading millions to an eternity in Hell. I will not bow to political correctness in this. I will not sugar-coat what I say about Islam, because I know what a vile and evil thing it is.

The loony Right are as crazy as the Islamists, and aren’t going to be content until there is open warfare. They are no less a threat to the national well-being than ISIS.

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Thanksgiving and the Cosmological argument

Albert the Pious relies upon the Cosmological argument to claim that Thanksgiving is innately theological.

A haunting question is this: How do atheists observe Thanksgiving? I can easily understand what an atheist or agnostic would think of fellow human beings and feel led to express thankfulness and gratitude to all those who, both directly and indirectly, have contributed to their lives. But what about the blessings that cannot be ascribed to human agency?

Haunting? Really?

Mohler goes on to explain that the big blessing “that cannot be ascribed to human agency” is the existence of the universe itself, and our existence within it. Ho-hum. This is a restatement of the cosmological argument, the unsupported claim that there is no creation without a benevolent Creator.

  1. Apparently, Mohler hasn’t heard of the discovery of the Higgs Boson, which completes the atomic model and explains that the universe could indeed have appeared spontaneously, ex nihilo.

  2. The cosmological, or first cause, argument is relied upon by Muslims, Hindus … on and on. But even if there were a sentient ‘first cause,’ there is no good reason to suppose that it is the Christian god. After all, He is a relative newcomer to the pantheon. Why should He be allowed to swoop in and annex the credit when the identical claim has been made on behalf of thousands of older gods?

Once again, Nietzsche told us exactly what’s going on:

With severity and pedantry, the priest formulated once and for all, down to the large and small taxes he was to be paid (not to forget the tastiest pieces of meat, for the priest is a steak eater), what he wants to have, “what the will of God is.” From now on all things in life are so ordered that the priest is indispensable—marriage, sickness, death, not to speak of “sacrifices” (meals), the holy parasite appears in order to denature them — in his language: to “consecrate.”

The bottom line here is self-evident: If the preacher can’t butt-in somehow and make himself necessary, all he gets are leftovers.

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Huh? Southern Baptists are racist?

If this story weren’t appearing at a reputable outlet, I’d have difficulty believing it; apparently, black college students are complaining that the Southern Baptist Convention isn’t reaching out to them so vigorously as it ought.

Protestors to SBC: ‘All souls matter’ in campus ministry

African-American demonstrators gathered Nov. 18 near James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va., to protest what they claim is racial bias in the Southern Baptist Convention’s efforts to evangelize students at American colleges and universities.

Many things come right to mind; in no particular order.

  • During the civil rights movement, the grandparents and parents of Southern Baptists who are now college age stood at roadsides throwing rocks at black protest marchers. Their pastors stood at roadside throwing rocks, too, and recruited thuggish nitwits willing to dress-up in white sheets and harass — and worse — blacks, Catholics, and Jews. So the protesters are probably right; talk-talk-talk to the contrary, they probably won’t ever be truly welcome in Southern Baptist churches.

  • The south’s fundamentalist Christianity provided the rationale for slavery, and later the Jim Crow laws. How is it even possible that college-age black students don’t know that, and want to even associate with Southern Baptists? They should join the rest of the decent world and rejoice that between 700- and 1000 SBC churches, mostly rural, fail every year.

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