Got slurs?

Franklin Graham provides a good example of why it’s so difficult to have a serious, educated conversation in this country.

Critical Race Theory is a very dangerous socialist, communist idea that has now made it mainstream in our schools by school boards who are supporting this leftist socialist ideology. Parents must rise up against the school boards and let their voices be heard. I would encourage Christians in these communities to be involved and run for school boards. How important it is for Christian men and women to take over the school boards so they can influence for the good.

But, of course, Critical Race Theory hasn’t anything to do with socialism or communism; those words are thrown in as gratuitous slurs meant to foreclose further discussion of Critical Race Theory.

FWIW, I don’t find a whole lot of the work going by that name very convincing; often, it seems to be no more than an effort to clothe anti-white malice with a patina of academic respectability. Even so, racism per se is a matter worthy of discussion, and attempting to bury the subject with inflammatory misdirection toward irrelevant economic language deserves contempt.

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Kathleen Parker notices the SBC

What do you know? The latest iteration of Southern Baptist pretentiousness and moral squalor has captured the attention of Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker.

Russell Moore is either a politically disillusioned troublemaker or a prophet in a time of darkness. In a 4,000-word letter charging the Southern Baptist Convention with racism and sexual abuse, he has single-handedly brought the evangelical Christian world to its knees.

[ … ]

Moore’s words carry weight not least because he’s one of the most-respected evangelicals in the United States. His greatest sin seems to be that he often thinks, speaks and acts as a Christian. Among other things, he was a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, which borders on blasphemy among the Trump faithful.

Since I’ve said for years that Russell Moore is one of the very few genuinely-decent men [No women allowed!] in the upper reaches of the Boss Hogg-ish SBC, I’m not particularly surprised to find him on the Outs with the club leadership; since the so-called Conservative Resurgence it has degenerated into little better than a cult of self-abasement superintended by amoral predators.

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Moore’s SBC departure

Nobody with more than cursory acquaintance with the Southern Baptist Convention will be surprised by any of this.

New allegations about the mishandling of sex abuse claims at the highest levels of the Southern Baptist Convention were made public in a recent letter between two high-profile leaders that was obtained Friday by The Washington Post.

While such allegations have been made by several women in the past, the letter includes new details from internal conversations, alleging that some institutional leaders bullied a sexual abuse victim, who was called a “whore,” and described in detail how many leaders resisted sexual abuse reforms.

Christianity is an innately degrading religion, and the Southern Baptist Convention is what you get when a large number of people are such fools that they take it seriously.

  • You are no damn good.

  • You were born no damn good,

  • You can never be any damn good,

  • And the only way to escape the eternity of torture you deserve is to join our club.

Kudos to Russell Moore, then, for his departure.

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Quote for the day

Republican rejection of science — on evolution, climate change, covid, you name it — makes it a party of fools.

Rational Optimist

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Meet my neighbors, ctd

N.C. county bans Coke machines over ‘left wing’ politics

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