Meaningless deepity of the day

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Feel the love-love-love department, ctd

Pastor David Manning thinks there are a few things that gays need to know before they’ll be buying his church building when it is auctioned for more than $1,000,000 in public and private debt.

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Bizarre tweet series of the day

I especially like those last two, the whines that the voters don’t appreciate him and Cruz is too flamboyant. It’s as if he is tweeting a mental breakdown in real time.

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Good news / Bad news

I’m giving the caucus results from Iowa a mixed review.

First, the good news. Iowa has a well-established history of favoring pious nutjobs that the rest of the country rejects about 30-seconds after they begin speaking; a victory there is the kiss of death. Remember Rick Santorum? Mike Huckabee? Does anybody take either of those guys seriously anymore? No.

So … Happy Trails to you, Ted.

The bad news is that Trump didn’t win in Iowa, which means he’s not the craziest Republican of them all, and still in the race.

The even worse news is that the two Republicans who might have been plausible presidential candidates — John Kasich and Jeb Bush — are probably out of the running now. Since ‘socialist’ is a toxic word in American life, the presidency is probably Hilary’s to lose — an unimaginative hack whose sole qualification is that she’s not certifiably crazy.

Whoever wins, the country loses.

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Back in the ol’ hometown, ctd

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