The problem with the Bible

Albert the Pious goes after a theologian trying to rescue Christianity from the obvious absurdities of the Bible.

At this point, Stanley goes on to amplify his concern with a Bible-based Christianity. “If the Bible is the foundation of your faith, here’s the problem: it is all or nothing. Christianity becomes a fragile, house of cards religion.”

And, as he states boldly, “it is next to impossible to defend the entire Bible.”

[ … ]

This is an apologetic disaster and would leave Christians with no authoritative Scripture. Instead, we would be dependent upon historians (among others) to tell us what parts of both testaments we can still believe.

Those parts will inevitably grow fewer and fewer. This is what must happen when the total trustworthiness, sufficiency, and authority of the Bible is subverted.

Honestly, this is among the most astonishing things Mohler has ever written — and that’s saying something.

Those parts [that “we can still believe”] will inevitably grow fewer and fewer.

This is exactly the character failure that ‘faith’ demands, and why faith is the root of so much moral error. Even as historians and others — Scientists? — “inevitably” shrink that portion of the Bible which is believable, Mohler will continue to insist upon the inerrancy of his ridiculous old handbook, will continue to preach for deference to the cult over family, will continue to condemn gays, lesbians, transgenders — all the … others.

What was formerly just sick is today indecent -— it is indecent to be a Christian today. And here begins my nausea. I look around: not one word has remained of what was formerly called “truth”; we can no longer stand it if a priest as much as uses the word “truth.” If we have even the smallest claim to integrity, we must know today that a theologian, a priest, a pope, not merely is wrong in every sentence he speaks, but lies — that he is no longer at liberty to lie from “innocence” or “ignorance.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist, §38

Christianity is dying, but not alone; all of the Abrahamic religions are on their way out. Anybody who pays attention understands, in this dismal election season, that reaction against the failure of Christianity dominates our domestic turmoils just as reaction against the failure of Islam dominates our international turmoils.

Whatever the outcome of this election, that will remain so for decades. Defeating the Abrahamic faiths, their inexhaustible hunger for degradation of anybody who isn’t as screwed-up as themselves, is going to be the work of the next century, just as defeating communism was the work of the last century.

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Today marks the beginning …

… of Banned Books Week, the American Library Association’s annual reminder of the importance of books and the points of view inside them — and the relentless efforts by vested interests to shut down the transmission of ideas via books.

Though much of the effort to ban books originates in religion, for the simple reason that religious claims invariably, necessarily, fail when they fall under the scrutiny of reason, it would be misguided to say that the efforts to ban books always originate in religion. The effort to ban John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, for instance, originated with California’s growers. Steinbeck loved telling the story till the day he died that, when the growers decided to hold a public burning of his book, they had to mail order a copy before they could carry it out because there were no copies to be had in California.

Think about that and savor the irony, marvel at the ignorance — and bridle at the presumption of those who would control your mind.

If Donald Trump wins the presidency, thus energizing our neo-brown shirts, the ideals of the liberal democracies will confront challenges not seen in centuries. Right now, this day, is a good time to unapologetically carry a (once-)banned book.

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‘Family Values’ wins: Cruz embraces Trump

I speculated a few months back that maybe Ted Cruz isn’t an empty, self-absorbed sewage-being after all.

Ted Cruz explains his decision not to endorse The Donald.

A day after being booed off the Republican National Convention stage, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz stubbornly defended his refusal to endorse Donald Trump, insisting he is not a “servile puppy dog” who would back anyone who personally attacks his family.

The blatant sign of GOP disunity angered some GOP delegates …


The question is, Is Cruz sincere? If he is, then I find myself unexpectedly wanting to applaud him. Family should stick together …

Well, what do you know? Christian ‘family values’ have prevailed: Ted Cruz has stuck a knife in his father’s back and endorsed the man who accused his father of complicity in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency Friday afternoon, a stunning turn of events after a contentious primary filled with nasty personal attacks and a dramatic snub at the Republican National Convention.

Don’t forget this. Don’t forget George P. Bush endorsing Trump after cataracts of insults directed at Jeb and Columba Bush. Don’t forget the serial lies. And next time you read some ‘think piece’ puzzling over evangelicals’ support of Trump, you’ll know what the explanation is: Donald Trump is the truth about Christianity, and what a Christian Nation will look like.

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My kind of myth

Paul Bunyan, unpretentious plaid, a blue ox whose hooves are so large that they gouged-out the Great Lakes … what’s not to like? And there is absolutely no record anywhere that Bunyan ever urged the death of anybody.

My kind of superhero myth.

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Bizarre theology-related tweet of the day

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