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If Americans are concerned that President Donald Trump and Republicans are moving the US toward becoming a one-party, authoritarian state, they are running out of time to stop them, experts warned.

Business Insider

Trump does not intend to leave following the November election, no matter how the vote goes. If he loses — and I think that’s quite llikely — he will simply insist that he won, that the count was somehow corrupted (probably by an unholy alliance between James Comey, Nancy Pelosi, and sundry others) and defy the government to remove him. His cult will probably rally to D.C. to support him.

We are on our way to a banana republic.

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Baptist club: Exclude gays — or else

A Cooperative Baptist Fellowship church in Georgia has been excommunicated from the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association because it welcomes gay members.

First Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia – a flagship Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation kicked out of the Georgia Baptist Convention in 2009 for calling a woman as pastor – has been excommunicated by the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association because of homosexuality.

Pastor David Jordan said in his sermon Feb. 9 that he received a letter a week earlier informing him “that our church has officially been kicked out of the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association.”

Religion is in decline even in the south; a shrewd, growth-oriented pastor would try to protect his church against that by welcoming everybody. That Southern Baptists, and other flavors of Baptist, would take exception to gays in membership, insisting upon policies plainly contrary to the direction of the culture, the progress of science, and their own financial interest, tells you something: They actually believe an Invisible Friend wants them to stigmatize gays and will eventually reward them for it.

They actually believe all this crazy stuff.

Albert the Pious, meantime, is encouraging them by fetishizing the Bible.

Never mind Mohler’s incorrect usage of ‘secularist;’ it would probably shock him to learn that John Adams and Patrick Henry, two of the most pious of the Founders, were adamant secularists. Tweets and teachings like this occasionally cause me to wonder: Does the average pew-sitter know anything about the Bible? Do they ever wonder where it came from? Do they even know that the Catholic and Protestant Bibles collect different texts, that they are different anthologies?

Do they imagine that humanity awakened one morning to find the Bible resting on a tree stump, opened to Genesis and glowing with divine light — a mysterious cosmic gift that simply appeared one day?

It seems to be allright with Mohler if the folk in the pews believe that, though he undoubtedly knows better. Christians fought for centuries over which texts should be part of Scripture — Catholics and Protestants, as noted above, never did reach agreement — and the oldest extant versions of those texts often differ in dramatic ways from the familiar KJV Bible. Luke 23:34 — Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots. — is not found in the oldest Lukean texts.

All of which points toward a reasonable question: What do you mean, what are you referring to, when you use the word ‘Bible,’ anyhow? My experience has been that those most adamant for inerrancy are the least able to answer.

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Am I the only person …

… reminded of the famous prom scene in Carrie when reading news stories like this?

As far as President Trump is concerned, banishing Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman from the White House and exiling him back to the Pentagon was not enough. If he had his way, the commander in chief made clear on Tuesday, the Defense Department would now take action against the colonel, too.

“That’s going to be up to the military,” Mr. Trump told reporters who asked whether Colonel Vindman should face disciplinary action after testifying in the House hearings that led to the president’s impeachment. “But if you look at what happened,” Mr. Trump added in threatening terms, “I mean they’re going to, certainly, I would imagine, take a look at that.”

This is an unsettled time in Mr. Trump’s Washington. In the days since he was acquitted in a Senate trial, an aggrieved and unbound president has sought to even the scales as he sees it.

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The pros rebel

It was clear a long time ago that there would be no room for professionals in the Trump administration.

America will need for its professionals to honor their ethical obligations as never before in a Trump administration — and the way to do that is for them to do what the engineers in Flint had a clear ethical obligation to do: Refuse to go along.

Now, rather than passively submit to clear presidential pressure to go easy on a crony — Roger Stone, convicted of witness tampering and lying to Congress — four Department of Justice lawyers have resigned the case; one left the department outright.

On Tuesday, the four main federal prosecutors working on the obstruction and perjury case of Roger J. Stone Jr. shared another distinction: they quit the case. The abrupt withdrawals came after the Justice Department overruled their recommendation for a stiffer sentence for Mr. Stone, a longtime friend and informal adviser of President Trump. One of the prosecutors resigned outright.

Good for them. It should not even need to be said that the First Felon has no business insinuating himself into sentencing decisions, or that Barr should have firmly told Trump to butt-out rather than scurrying to please him.

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The problem with Buttigieg

There is so much to like about Pete Buttigieg: He is smart, personable, accomplished, and left-ish but not cancel-culture crazy-left.

If he weren’t a gay man married to another man, he’d be a formidable opponent. But, because he is, there are some people who are never going to vote for him, even though they might under different circumstances. There are people who wouldn’t bother to vote who will make a point of getting to the polls just to vote against him.

We not only must declare the word of God, but we must give warning to our fellow Americans that continuation in perversion will eventually result in God’s intervention. That intervention is called judgment, whether it is summary or selective depends on the scrutiny of the Sovereign God, but the surety of it is never in doubt.

By its nature perverted behaviors raise perverted questions, that being much more than common conundrum or enigma, cannot be answered and tend to mock the perversion that gives it rise.

For example, since Pete Buttigieg claims he is “married” to his gay partner Chasten Buttigieg, and that Chasten is his husband – what would we call Pete if he happened to become the President of the United States?

Would he be Madam President and not Mr. President. Would we say he was the first “woman” to become president?

Granted, this is found on the Renew America web site, and malicious and crazy — but it is mainstream Christian thought and not far removed from what will be preached in thousands of pulpits every Sunday morning for the few months preceding the election if Buttigieg is the nominee.

I think there is no more important business before the country than getting rid of The Donald, so I’m voting for the Democratic Party nominee, whomever it is; hell, the Democrats can dig-up and nominate Karl Marx’s bones if they like, and I’ll vote for those. If they nominate Buttigieg, I’ll vote for him, and do so with real pleasure. But, also … anxiety, because he comes with some characteristics that a lot of America isn’t yet ready to accept.

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