Feel the love-love-love department

A Planned Parenthood employee from Kansas enumerates the offenses committed against them.

  • Gasoline was poured under our back door, ignited 4 times. Twice while the clinic was occupied, causing patients to be evacuated.

  • Butyric acid (used as a stink bomb) was poured under our doors, into ventilation system so many times I lost count. Clinic evacuated.

  • 2 cherry bombs were left on our doorstep after hours, causing damage, clinic closure. Imagine what it’s like going to work after that.

  • We received hundreds of phone calls, threatening to torch our clinic, to kill the “murdering whores” who worked there.

  • 3 times someone drove by at night & shot out our windows. Picketers stood on the sidewalk, harassed employees as we swept up broken glass.

  • Our clinic didn’t perform abortions. We did well woman exams, pregnancy tests, dispensed birth control, & treated STIs.

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Theology-related quote for the day

I say, tonight, we punish Planned Parenthood. I think it’s time that abortion doctors should have to run and hide and be afraid for their life.

Joshua Feuerstein

This would be a good time to reprise an old Civil Commotion maxim: Most people have too much sense and decency to be good Christians; it’s the ones who don’t that you need to watch out for.

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Running for cover

Mike Huckabee, ambulatory sewage-being, pronounces it disingenuous for Planned Parenthood to point toward the overheated rhetoric of the evangelical right as a likely stimulant of Friday evening’s shooting.

Huckabee, y’all should recall, is a man whose campaign stump speech includes a promise to call-up the National Guard to keep women out of abortion clinics. Because, you know, Jesus would want him to use military force against pregnant women.

The man is grotesque. Seriously: Even when judged by Holy Man expectations, the man is low and filthy and grasping.

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Feel the love-love-love: Smell-the-sickness edition

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The joys of secularism

Secularists might be godless and wicked, et cetera, et cetera, but at least we don’t burn people at the stake in order to please an invisible friend.

Christian militias in the Central African Republic have been accused of burning “witches” at the stake in a UN report leaked just days ahead of a visit to the war-torn country by the Pope.

The militias, who have fought a vicious sectarian war against local Muslims, kidnapped people they accused of witchcraft, tied them to stakes and then burnt them alive, the report disclosed.

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