A sucker born every minute

Janet Mefferd surveys the wreckage surrounding Mark Driscoll and wonders: What the hell is wrong with those people who put up with him, anyway?

Everyone knows plagiarism is a horribly unethical thing to do, I thought, and the church will be outraged! Plagiarism ends careers in academia and in journalism; how could Christians ever tolerate it from a pastor, who should live by the highest of standards? Plus, Driscoll has publicly condemned plagiarism himself! So Christians will no doubt listen to this information, be horrified, and then his publisher will dump him, and his church will probably ask him to step down. Right? Because true Christians have top-notch ethics and morals, right? We wouldn’t dare allow a pastor who’s done this to get away with it. Right?


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Pick your moment of revelation: Should it have been when Mark Driscoll claimed that God called him to be a pastor in a “weird charismatic moment?” How about when Donald Miller dubbed him “the cussing pastor?” Or maybe when he started having “pornovisions” or angrily screamed, “How dare you? Who the (blank) do you think you are?” at his church members? How about when he referenced the “pile of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill bus” that would result from people not getting on board with his “vision?” The pile that “by God’s grace … will be a mountain by the time we’re done?” Or the Elephant Room 2 debacle — might that have been a good time to abandon support for Pastor Mark and his cult of personality?

I simply don’t get it. Why didn’t the entire membership of Mars Hill get up and head for the exits at any of those points? Why didn’t his Christian fans unfollow him on social media, stop reading him, stop watching him and stop listening to him?

Christianity is predatory, a well-tested line of schtick for enslaving the insecure and using them to ruin those who who don’t fall for the line. That’s it — everything you need to know. Once you grasp that, you understand that the rest is inevitable.

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The Will to Power

Book One: European Nihilism
II: Nihilism

§ 54 It is my good fortune that after whole millennia of error and confusion I have rediscovered the way that leads to a Yes and a No.

I teach the No to all that makes weak — that exhausts.

I teach the Yes to all that strengthens, that stores up strength, that justifies the feeling of strength.

So far one has taught neither the one nor the other: virtue has been taught, mortification of the self, pity, even the negation of life. All these are the values of the exhausted.

Prolonged reflection on the physiology of exhaustion forced me to ask to what extent the judgments of the exhausted had penetrated the world of values.

My result was as surprising as possible, even for me who was at home in many a strange world: I found that all of the supreme value judgments — all that have come to dominate mankind, at least that part that has become tame — can be derived from the judgments of the exhausted.

Under the holiest names I pulled up destructive tendencies; one has called God what weakens, teaches weakness, infects with weakness. — I found that the “good man” is one of the forms in which decadence affirms itself.

That virtue of which Schopenhauer still taught that it is the supreme, the only virtue, and the basis of all virtues — precisely pity I recognized as more dangerous than any vice. To cross as a matter of principle selection in the species and its purification of refuse — that has so far been called virtue par excellence.-

One should respect fatality — that fatality that says to the weak: perish!-

One has called it God — that one resisted fatality, that one — corrupted mankind and made it rot. — One should not use the name of God in vain.

The race is corrupted — not by its vices but by its ignorance; it is corrupted because it did not recognize exhaustion as exhaustion: mistakes about physiological states are the source of all ills.

Virtue is our greatest misunderstanding.

Problem: How did the exhausted come to make the laws about values? Put differently: How did those come to power who are the last. — How did the instinct of the human animal come to stand on its head?

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The Will to Power

Book One: European Nihilism
II: Nihilism

§ 53 Even the ideals of science can be deeply, yet completely unconsciously influenced by decadence: our entire sociology is proof of that. The objection to it is that from experience it knows only the form of the decay of society, and inevitably it takes its own instincts of decay for the norms of sociological judgment.

In these norms the life that is declining in present-day Europe formulates its social ideals: one cannot tell them from the ideals of old races that have outlived themselves.

The herd instinct, then — a power that has now become sovereign — is something totally different from the instinct of an aristocratic society: and the value of the units determines the significance of the sum. — Our entire sociology simply does not know any other instinct than that of the herd, i.e., that of the sum of zeroes — where every zero has “equal rights,” where it is virtuous to be zero.

The valuation that is today applied to the different forms of society is entirely identical with that which assigns a higher value to peace than to war: but this judgment is antibiological, is itself a fruit of the decadence of life. — Life is a consequence of war, society itself a means to war. — As a biologist, Mr. Herbert Spencer is a decadent; as a moralist, too (he considers the triumph of altruism a desideratum!).

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Dismal theology tweet for the day

Please. How is it possible that anybody, anywhere, can’t see what these preachers really are?

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No mail for gay couple?

A Detroit couple claims that mail isn’t delivered to their home because they are gay.

The gay couple in Detroit claims that the mailman is refusing to deliver to their house because they’re gay, according to a report by Erika Erickson of Fox 2.

James Lawson and his husband Theodore Washington tell Fox 2 that the mail was being delivered on the block when it was chock-full of debris. They say they cleaned up the debris, but once the mailman discovered they were gay the mail stopped coming.

They said the mailman said he wasn’t going to deliver because they were the only people living on the block. Lawson says the mailman delivers to other blocks that are full of debris and abandoned houses.

But there is also this:

They said they received a notice saying that tires in the street were blocking the mailman from doing his job, and mail had been suspended permanently. The couple had put the tires there to prevent debris dumping on their street. They said they removed the tires for two weeks, but still didn’t get mail.

Well … who knows? What I wish somebody could explain to me is why anybody wants to live where you have to put barricades in the street to prevent other people from dumping their trash in your street. In spite of the vicarious pleasure I get from watching the progress of my nephew’s journalism career in a place where there are lots and lots of freaky stories, I think you’ve got to be out of your mind to live in a city that’s become nothing so much as a huge dumpster.

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