Sanders booted from restaurant

Apparently, there is a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia — it’s a beautiful town that I visited often when I lived in Roanoke — that doesn’t serve the likes of Presidential Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant by its owner because she works for President Donald Trump.

I would not have humiliated her by throwing her out of the restaurant if she had her children with her; otherwise — good! Sanders lies for a living and hasn’t any business amongst decent people.

I understand the point that throwing her out with her children present is a taste of the medicine she has spent the past week defending, but the thought of doing so leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It is always wrong to involve children, or use them as pawns, in disputes that should not concern them.

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Vile tweet of the day

Right: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer “want” to protect lawbreakers. The cynicism of Trump, and the stupidity of his supporters. are breathtaking.

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Delusional tweet of the day

Note that: “… phony stories of sadness and grief …”

So: The Buffoon-in-Chief summarily created a humanitarian crisis, retreated in the face of worldwide outrage, and at this very moment is hosting an event that aims to create the impression that the country is overrun by illegal, bare-fanged carnivores hell-bent on rape, pillage, and murder.

This man reeks with cynicism.

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Quote for the day

Trump made and continues to make a mockery of virtually everything Evangelicals supposedly hold dear, yet the president continues to have widespread support in the Evangelical community. Trump is a pathological liar, capable of repeatedly contradicting himself in a matter of minutes. Showing all the marks of being a sociopath, the president has no regard for women, children, the disabled, or, quite frankly, the human race. Trump is a one-man band, and all that matters to him is the fawning love he receives at campaign rallies and from positive news coverage. Trump continues to attack the very foundation of our democracy. He daily lashes out at the media — except for Fox News — calling them fake, threatening them with punitive action. It is clear to all who are paying attention that the president’s election campaign was in bed with people out to destroy our country. Winning at all costs is what matters to Trump, and one has to wonder if this approach will one day lead to another depression or world war. Recent news reports reveal that President Trump, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions — all of whom are professing Christians — think it is moral, decent, and right to separate children from their parents in their zero-tolerance pursuit of shutting off the flow of undocumented people coming into the United States. Despite all these things, Evangelicals still overwhelmingly support porn-star-loving, pussy-grabber-in-chief, Donald Trump. It seems the president was right when he said that he could murder someone and people would still vote for him. It leaves me to wonder if there’s anything the president could do that would cause Evangelicals to turn on him and demand his removal from office.

Bruce Gerencser

Evangelicals have abandoned blind obedience of one savior in favor of blind obedience of another savior, when what they actually need is to grow the hell up.

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Fashion violation of the day

I imagine the “let them eat cake” jacket is at the dry-cleaners.

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