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For many, Bible no longer Good Book

Nearly one in 10 Americans believe the Bible is a dangerous book, and 14 percent say following its teaching would be harmful for American society, according to a new survey on sacred texts and society by LifeWay Research.

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The theology of Thanksgiving

Like Albert Mohler a couple of days ago, Pastor Dave Miller wants to horn-in on Thanksgiving.

Folks, we live on the ground in the gloom and the rain. There is darkness all around. But if you will remember this truth, you can soar above the clouds into the bright sunshine, at least in your own heart and life. I cannot promise you ease, comfort or prosperity in this life, but I can tell you to give thanks to the Lord, for his steadfast love endures forever.

This is the kind of Thanksgiving we ought to celebrate, those of us who know Jesus and have received his everlasting, faithful love. We give thanks to the Lord, for he is good and his steadfast love endures forever.

Bah. There is no theology of Thanksgiving; it is a secular holiday that belongs to all Americans, not just pious goobers.

Rather, take Tom Rich’s advice:

So I encourage you to give thanks to those that have invested their time, money, emotions and lives in you. Your mom and dad, friends, doctors, nurses, teachers, spouses, and children. That will be a great encouragement to them on this Thanksgiving. Don’t patronize the Creator God by thanking him for your shoes while turning a blind and delusional eye to all those that don’t have the health and wealth you created for yourself.

Reject the Holy Men’s constant reminders that y’all are no damn good, and have a good day.

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That Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the discovery of the famous Lucy skeleton 41-years ago today.

Would it surprise y’all to learn the the Godly Folk are seriously unhappy about it?

The evidence — the actual observations made by living human being for 2-centuries at locations all over the earth — says otherwise. Note that: This moron actually believes that the ‘revelation’ given to Bronze Age anonymities carries more weight than the evidence.

Answer: For the exact same reason there are still Catholics after the Protestant Reformation.

Sometimes, the ignorance of my fellow citizens is downright staggering.

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Memo from the Propaganda Underground

And day now, wicked lefties may start launching false-flag Christian terrorism operations!

Leftists’ hatred of Christianity has become so fanatical that they now reflexively blame or demonize Christians whenever non-Christians engage in terrorism and violence. This escalating radicalism should force society to ask: Will leftists next create and fund phony Christian terrorist groups so they can further their War on Christianity?


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Feel the love-love-love department

A Baptist Church in Mississippi helpfully explains that Allah and Satan are one and the same.

Gina Miller, quite possibly the most deranged person in all of the United States, excitedly gurgles that Cowan Road Baptist Church is HER CHURCH!! and damn tootin’ ALLAH IS SATAN!!

I love and admire Chris Ashley, and I thank the Lord that he is my pastor and brother in Christ. He is a leader, a truth-teller, and he is courageous. Courage is contagious. If hundreds or even thousands of Christian churches across America had the courage to put this message on their signs, Muslim activists, along with the truth-hating, left-wing media, would have a hard time keeping up their attacks against those of us who speak the truth.

What Pastor Chris wrote about Jesus and Allah is true. Islam is a political-militant ideology born in Hell and authored by Satan himself. Allah certainly is Satan. Islam is one of his master stroke creations, leading millions to an eternity in Hell. I will not bow to political correctness in this. I will not sugar-coat what I say about Islam, because I know what a vile and evil thing it is.

The loony Right are as crazy as the Islamists, and aren’t going to be content until there is open warfare. They are no less a threat to the national well-being than ISIS.

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