Quote for the day

Trump is right now, before our eyes and those of the world, committing an unbelievable and unforgivable crime against this country. It is his failure to defend.

Charles Blow

As I said repeatedly before the election, Trump is an actual existential threat to the country — and the gravest threat we face. Trump must be removed from office.

Do your duty, Congress.

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Delusional tweet-storm of the day

Is it really not obvious that, in addition to being corrupt through-and-through, he is disintegrating mentally?

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Quote for the day

Russian officials attacked American democracy in 2016, and the intelligence community has warned us that they’re coming back for more. But Mr. Trump seems incapable of perceiving the threat, while Republicans in Congress spend their time fulminating not about the assault on American sovereignty, but about the private text messages of an F.B.I. agent investigating that attack.

As Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein rightly said after announcing the indictment, in the face of such an assault, “it’s important for us to avoid thinking politically, as Republicans or Democrats, and instead to think patriotically as Americans.”

Good advice. If only Mr. Trump and his servile defenders in Congress would heed it.

New York Times

Do your duty, Congress.

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Stealth missionaries

Uh-oh — somebody has hacked the International Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Biblical Recorder is reporting on a data breach at the IMB. Few details are available.

This is no small matter since many of our missionaries serve in high-security areas and their identities are kept secret.

Please read the BRNow.org article. If you aren’t subscribing to them, you should be. They are just about the best source for news in the SBC.

Certainly, I hope no ill comes to anyone as a consequence of this hack … but am I alone in noticing the irony of missionaries living a lie in deep cover?

Recall, too, then IMB head David Platt’s recommendation a few years ago that missionaries break the law to proselytize:

Business is international. Men and women cruise the globe at 35,000 feet, going places missionaries cannot. What could you do?

  • Transport sensitive Christian materials that cannot be mailed or sent electronically. Firewalls run by local governments block access to training materials, Bible translations, and other forms of support. This could be as simple as meeting someone for supper and passing the information along.

    In other words, smuggle-in contraband literature.

  • Allow your temporary housing to serve as a meeting site for Bible study groups and churches.

  • Use your locally-registered business to provide legitimate visas for missionaries who cannot acquire them otherwise.

    In other words, use your business as a front for illegal activities.

  • Learn the language through multiple visits and help teach in areas where the IMB has not placed anyone.

Could this casual, unquestioned, and routine underhandedness be the reason that Godly folk are increasingly unwelcome everywhere they go?

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Creeping madness

Andrew Sullivan takes up the growing lunacy of Donald Trump.

In the last few weeks, Trump’s outright lies seem to be more frequent and he repeats them ever more shamelessly. They are now pure expressions of power, open demonstrations that his followers will accept anything he says, obey anything he commands, abandon any belief that he opposes. This is not representative democracy; it’s submission to a king. It’s not just an attack on the bedrock American principle of self-government; it’s a determination to extinguish it. And it is more ascendant now than at any time since the inauguration.

The fantasies now dominate foreign policy as never before. Trump keeps insisting, for example, that there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea, that he has solved the problem, that Kim is embarking on total nuclear disarmament, and that he deserves a medal for this spectacular achievement, which somehow eluded every previous president. He says that 200 MIA bodies have been returned to the U.S. Yesterday, Trump tweeted out a letter from Kim lavishing praise on him, as evidence that his delusion is reality. But the letter was dated July 6, just as Pyongyang was humiliating Pompeo on his recent trip. And it was dated before the North Koreans were a no-show at the first scheduled talks on POW remains. No remains have been returned, even as the president says 200 have. This is now the insane world we live in.

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