Preaching at Target, again

I can’t bear to watch, I can’t look away. It’s what Andrew Sullivan used to call hathos, I think.

And another …

I think this thing has dwindled down to just one or two maniacs, now. Keep something in mind, though: The only difference between the nutjobs doing this, and the average pew-sitter, is one of degree. For every single one of these clowns, there are hundreds more watching this video and nodding his or her head in agreement and feeling the ol’ blood pressure go up.

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And there goes the Grand Old Party …

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I can’t help myself

I just can’t resist posting these deranged Target videos. I do feel bad for Target, and Target shoppers, but this out-of-touch-with-reality behavior is the truth about the evangelical right, and it’s a lot easier to show it than try to explain it.

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I’m leaving town for a couple of days at the end of the week, and have a lot to get done between now and then, so posting will be negligible to non-existent; back next week. Y’all have a good Memorial Day.

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Be true to your cult, ctd

And … there you go. A healthy marriage is NOT about “undivided devotion” to the pleasure of Our Invisible Friend (whose Will is the subject of pastoral expertise), and therefore problematic. I am not kidding y’all: These guys approve of animal husbandry — and that’s all; healthy marriages threaten their total ownership and control of their congregation.

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