Arresting lede of the day

Senate Democrats are pure evil, but like the devil no one will deny that they are smart.

Larry Klayman

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Quote for the day

Remember, Republicans wouldn’t even give President Barack Obama’s nominee a hearing, claiming that because Obama was late in his second term the process should wait, leaving a court seat vacant for more than a year, to let voters weigh in. Now they’re trying to ram Kavanaugh through in a matter of weeks, despite incomplete vetting of his legal record and major questions about his personal history.

Why the rush? Because there’s a chance the G.O.P. will lose the Senate soon.

Paul Krugman

Krugman’s column is not, as you might suppose, concerned primarily with the now-disordered state of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court; it’s about, rather, the consistent bad faith exhibited by the Republican Party, and it’s worth reading.

I’ll add an aside concerning Kavanaugh and demographics, however: Much of the commentary concerning this event remarks upon the likely effect of these allegations upon college-educated white women. Why?

Are non-college-educated women, and minority women, indifferent to sexual assault? Is it a commonplace that they are simply expected to endure? Why is there a widespread expectation that their votes won’t be influenced?

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Quote for the day

To be sure, the president* needs the rubes aflame more now than he ever has before. Michael Flynn will be sentenced this week. Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are doing their Righteous Brothers karaoke act for the special counsel’s office. An electoral catastrophe is looming in November, and his Supreme Court nominee, the only real bona fides he has with the Bible-bangers, is in serious trouble. His administration* is in the trash compactor and he knows it. So it’s time to feed the loyal fans some Top Secret Stuff about the Deep State that they can chaw over at the cafes and diners in Zitoville, Ohio. It’s time to give Hannity some Hot Stuff he can toss around with Sheryl Atkinson, Tomi Lauren, and other veteran gumshoes.

Charles Pierce

What Trump has ordered released is, amongst much else, the work-product of an ongoing investigation. How is this not overt obstruction of justice?

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Dismal theology-related tweet

I haven’t read Moore’s book, but this is probably no more than a dramatic way of making the entirely humdrum observation that much of ‘the [wicked, evil, sin-filled] world’ sends unwholesome messages to children. Since Dr. Moore is the adoptive father of several children, he should be applauded for being alert to that.

Even so, this would not be a bad time to remember that Southern Baptists don’t actually believe in marriage and ‘family values,’ that they’ve degenerated into just another cult as screwed-up and decadent as the Scientologists. Albert the Pious, for instance, is relentless on the point that Our Invisible Friend comes first and your family gets the leftovers.

The third theological fact about the family is the continued affirmation of the family within the redeemed people of God – the church. As the Gospels make clear, loyalty to Christ exceeds that of any family commitment, even as the church becomes the family of faith, embracing within its life all who come to faith in Christ and into the life of the church.

This is the kind of thinking that justifies putting a gay child out of the house and on the street.

Your family, your spouse, your friends … those are the people you count on to have your back — not people you need to protect yourself from; the latter are merely people you happen to somehow be related to, and you have no family when the cult has the upper-hand.

This should surprise nobody: Healthy marriages and families undermine the cult’s ownership and control of people, and so they preach against it. It’s as rotten and cynical as that.

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A conspicuous failure

If this is I-40 — and I’ve no reason to doubt it — it is also an egregious engineering design failure.

The rationale for the construction of the Interstate Highway System is national defense, to enable rapid transport of troops and supplies from one part of the country to another — and they are designed to be passable without regard to transient weather events.

What has happened, probably, is that it was designed correctly decades ago, and then construction along the Interstate corridor proceeded without consideration of its effects upon the highway and without objection from the feds. Now, we have a highway system that can no longer be relied upon to serve its original purpose.

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