Calling-out the Very Stable Genius-in-Chief

Senator Jeff Flake (R,AZ) took the Senate floor this morning to deliver a scathing critique of Donald Trump’s indifference to truth and his relentless attacks on the press. Let’s hope this rebuke of his own party stiffens some Republican backbones and mobilizes a defense of the country against its so-called president.

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Dismal theology-related tweet for the day

Picture this: You’re a single mom whose deadbeat man has taken a powder because he just can’t hack the kid crying all the time; you’re $10.00/hour job might be eliminated in the next round of layoffs; threatening bill collectors call every day, and there’s no relief in sight for that but the phone company is probably going to terminate your service any day; and you’re out of formula, out of pocket change, and payday is a week away.

Now, along comes some smarmy preacher to say, Hooray!, The Creator Of The Whole Big Universe is working hard for you. That He who spoke the universe into existence; and gave uncountable billions of galaxies their uncountable billions of stars; and took care to be certain their would be millions and millions of varieties of plants and animals for us to eat on this insignificant mote of a planet at the edge of a relatively small galaxy … Why, He’s working hard for you!

Who knew that resolving that poor frustrated mom’s troubles are a match for all that? Or maybe it’s the case that “working as hard for you as he ever has” means he’s never lifted a finger on anybody’s behalf?

Truly, He works in Mysterious Ways. Or doesn’t work at all. Or something. I guess he works for at least preachers, because you never see one hanging from a light post.

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Fascism’s enablers

Old and too-tired to govern, Germany’s President Hindenburg struck a deal in 1934 that made Adolf Hitler, whom Hindenburg openly detested, the Chancellor of Germany; it would be allright, he was assured, because the ‘elites’ could control the lawless upstart.

We all know how that worked-out.

Hitler is merely the most egregious example of an oft-repeated pattern in history: The elites indulge a populist rabble-rouser, thinking they can control him and scoop-up his supporters, thereby solidifying their own power — and end-up being eaten. In the last century, in this country, Huey Long gained near-dictatorial control of Louisiana the same way, and he intended to challenge Roosevelt for the presidency. Lucky for us, though not for Long, he was assassinated before that could happen.

What all such cases have in common is hubris and a failure of character, overconfidence and willingness to make a deal with the devil for private advantage.

The Republican Party has done that in connection with Donald Trump, easily the most corrupt, incurious, and all-around godawful buffoon to ever occupy the Oval Office. They could have spoken against him more vigorously during the primaries — and didn’t. They could have refused to nominate him — and didn’t. They could have endorsed Hilary Clinton against their own party’s decadent and odious nominee — and didn’t. They could have refused to confirm his consistently embarrassing Cabinet nominations — Ben Carson? Betsy DeVos? Seriously? — and didn’t.

Donald Trump is a mortal, existential threat to the country itself — and the Republicans who neglected their duty, and continue to neglect their duty, must be held accountable.

Trump’s cabinet is so craven and obsequious that it seems clear that the country will get no relief by invocation of the 25th Amendment. Worse, they will undoubtedly point to the cognitive tests performed in connection with Friday’s physical exam as proof that Trump is sound, though the tests don’t actually approach the question of mental fitness for office. It is up to the Congress, then, to remove him — and it is up to us to demand without the slightest equivocation that Congress do its duty. We must explicitly, unambiguously, make the removal of Donald Trump from office an issue in the upcoming elections.

We must also demand elimination of the mousetrap in the Constitution — the Electoral College. Intended as a device to protect the small states from the large, and as a sort of backstop to assure that an uninformed electorate that knows next-to-nothing of public affairs could not install a cheap demagogue such as Donald Trump, the Electoral College did not merely fail miserably in 2016, it put the country in peril; it must be eliminated.

And, let’s be frank: A lot of voters failed their civic duty in 2016. They, too, are Trump’s enablers. They fell for FOX News’ grotesque and egregious manipulations, they were seduced by Trump’s overt malice, they ignored his overt lies, and they bear moral responsibility for the grave danger of Donald Trump’s tenure. They knew what Trump is; they were just so charmed by the prospect of sticking a finger in the eye of all those smarty-pants they dislike that they never thought to ask themselves what would happen after that.

Now we know, and We, the People, must act. We must remove those Republicans who have failed their duty and enabled Trump, we must refuse to support any candidate who will not publicly promise to remove Trump, and we must demand that the Constitution be amended to eliminate the Electoral College.

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Breathtakingly stupid quote for the day

The stunt that she [Oprah Winfrey] pulled at the Golden Globes was against what we stand for and it was against Trump. Well, what happened within 48 hours of her dog and pony show at the Golden Globes? Her frickin’ house is in the middle of a mud slide and Oprah is stuck in this mudslide. I mean, God is unleashing his wrath on anyone that goes against God’s anointed, and that is Trump and his army. I believe that we are protected because God is fed up. He has had enough. It’s time for the rats to be exposed and these people that sit on their high horse and they trash God’s anointed will meet immediate karma.

Liz Crokin

Sure seems as if Our Invisible Friend could have killed just Oprah, instead of more than 20 other people and destroying all those homes. Truly, He works in Mysterious Ways.

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In case you’re wondering …

You may have thought this morning as you brewed your coffee, “Wow … what a bad week for the Buffoon-in-Chief. Between publication of that book, and then the shithole remark, his approval ratings must be way down. Maybe,” cross your fingers here, “the Republicans in Congress will start showing some guts.” That’s what an educated, decent-minded adult would think and hope for, allright — if the perversity of his base weren’t taken into account. They’re loving the news that all the educated professionals around him think Trump is crass and a moron, and they’re just fine with his racism.

Yep — Trump’s approval rating has gone up.

Evangelicals know their comfortable little club is dying; many, surely, understand that it’s dying because the Christian narrative is a gaudy and preposterous fiction and they’ve been played for fools. But it’s easier to stick a finger in the eye of the people who are laughing at them than to admit they’ve wasted their lives on nonsense, and so they double-down on their support of Trump and the danger he poses to the country writ large.

They’re going to get worse, a lot worse, before things get better. The world has become a strange place that they don’t — can’t — understand, either technologically or socially,and they now see what most of us regard as progress as an existential threat.

The great irony is that Friedrich Nietzsche, whom they piously hate, saw exactly this coming and his philosophical project was to head-off the nihilism that is now Republican policy.

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