Dismal theology-related tweet for the day

You’re probably wondering, “Huh? Why would I expect God to be ashamed to call himself my God in the first place?” Because you’re no damn good, and your puny little mind, working at capacity, cannot conceive a god any more elevated than a cartoon character; because being associated with an ambulatory putrescence like yourself would embarrass Him if He had peers who could laugh and point at His ridiculous, ragtag followers.

Honestly, I marvel that clowns like John Piper make such a good living by degrading people.

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The power of the purse

Mindful that monarchs tended to bankrupt their countries with wars and other misadventures, the Founders embedded in the Constitution a simple protection against authoritarian vanity: The purse is in Congress’ hands, the branch of government closest to what passes for common sense among the citizenry. But now, thanks to sensible provisions that enable the Chief Executive to act unilaterally in exigent circumstances, The Donald proposes to simply end-run Congress’ refusal to give him the money he wants.

President Trump will declare a national emergency as early as Friday to bypass Congress and build his long-promised wall along the nation’s southwestern border even as he agreed to sign a spending package that does not finance it, White House officials said Thursday.

[ … ]

But if he declares a national emergency to access billions of dollars for his wall, Mr. Trump could instigate a constitutional clash over who controls the federal purse and test the bounds of presidential authority in a time of divided government.

Since Trump’s explicit purpose is to sidestep Congress’ refusal to give him the money he wants, and not a reaction to some pressing danger that imperils the country, it seems clear to me that what he proposes is unconstitutional.

The Deplorable One-third can be counted upon to thrill to Trump’s heavy-handedness, but the rest of us ought to be alarmed and demanding that Congress do its duty and put Trump out of office.

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Quote for the day

I wonder from time to time if I’m the only person who finds the entire idea of Original Sin demented, an unusually putrid idea that only somebody who is already messed-up could possibly think makes sense.

Turns out … No, I’m not.

You might be confused here, thinking the original sin was not lust but disobeying God by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Same thing, said Saint Augustine (around 400 AD). The whole convoluted nonsense about “original sin” is traceable to him. Because he was tortured by his idea that the lust he himself experienced was a dirty sin that kept him from true communion with God. And, as Augustine’s legacy, Christians to this day torture themselves over this.

This attitude is itself a kind of sexual perversion. It loads ordinary, natural sex acts with a meaning and significance that make no sense. And, by the way, if humans were made in God’s image, does She feel lust? How does she handle it?

Augustine set out the doctrine of Original Sin in his letters to the Pelagians, which is a story in itself. There was a British monk named Palagius who, taking his cue from Augustine’s writings on free will, reasoned that if the will is free then the will must also be perfectible.

That cut out the need for Jesus and Holy Men and Sunday School; Do-it-yourself Salvation!

Y’all can imagine how that went over. Augustine wrote two letters to the Pelagians setting-out the futility of such an idea thanks to Adam’s Original Sin. And ever since, Christianity has insisted upon degrading people with the claim that they’re no damn good, were born no damn good, can never be any damn good, and can escape the eternity of punishment they deserve in consequence of being human only by joining the The Club.

It’s absolutely mad. I listen to these clowns some days and positively marvel that there is a streetlight in the entire land without some idiot preacher hanging from it.

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Dismal theology-related tweet for the day

And some of y’all think I exaggerate when I refer to Christianity’s death-wish theology …

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In case you missed the SOTU last week …

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