Tony Perkins seems to believe …

… that straight people will stop having sex and procreating if same-sex marriage is permitted.

A listener called in to tell the Family Research Council president that he thinks the reason homosexuality is “promoted is because it doesn’t lead to reproduction and that’s why it’s promoted. There’s this anti-life agenda, there’s a total anti-human, anti-life, human beings are a virus, type of mentality.”

Perkins responded that the caller was “absolutely correct,” saying that he once wrote about how “climate change alarmists and those who are pushing population control” actually “promote homosexuality” because “there’s no procreation there.”

Well … I dunno. I think there might be some projection going on here.

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Baptists, gays, marriage

The Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission just wrapped-up a conference fashioned The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage. If the post-conference discussion is any guide, it was a miserably dreary affair.

As evangelical Christians we absolutely believe there is an authority outside of ourselves and that authority, God, plainly reveals His design and will through His Word. Accordingly, in a later session David Platt, President of the International Mission Board, pointed out that the most deadly disease we face today is the prevailing idea that what God has said is subject to human judgment. As we seek to minister in this sexual revolution we must remind our people of the authority of Scripture in every aspect of life and we must equip them to see that God has spoken clearly on this issue.

Because, you know, decent Godly people just do as they’re told.

Throughout the conference a clear theme rang out: we cannot be selective in our moral outrage.

What does this yahoo want to do? Stone everybody?

We have clearly seen that it is and has been unhelpful and damaging to rail against homosexuality from our pulpits, talk shows, and blogs and turn a blind eye to heterosexual sexual sin such as fornication and unbiblical divorce. As was said many times, decades of allowing spouses to abandon their covenant without any word of warning has ultimately done more damage to marriage then the same-sex marriage movement.

Some marriages are doomed from the get-go, and it is perverse to insist that people must stay together and be miserable instead of seeking new relationships.

Divorce is, of course, a touchy subject amongst evangelicals for the reason that they have the highest divorce rate in society. This is because, first, they favor young weddings and early childbearing and, second, they disapprove of marriage. What Mohler et. al. actually preach is animal husbandry, and that obedience to the Holy Man is more important than the mutual loyalty and shared ambitions that make a relationship a marriage.

They’ll shake their heads and deny it and stomp their feet and get red-faced, but the truth is that Baptists see ‘marriage’ as merely an instrument of perpetuation of the cult — and that’s all. If that doesn’t give you the Halloween creeps, nothing will.

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The Will to Power

Book One: History of European Nihilism
II: Nihilism

§117   Progress of the nineteenth century against the eighteenth ( — at bottom we good Europeans wage a war against the eighteenth century — ):

  1. “Return to nature” understood more and more decisively in the opposite sense from Rousseau’s. Away from idyl and opera!

  2. more and more decisively anti-idealistic, more concrete, more fearless, industrious, moderate, suspicious against sudden changes, antirevolutionary;

  3. more and more decisively the question concerning the health of the body is put ahead of that of “the soul”: the latter being understood as a state consequent upon the former, and the former at the very least as a precondition of the health of the soul.

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Research on transubstantiation

What do you know? After the magic words and hand-waving, communion wafers still contain only wheat DNA.

Conclusion: consecrated wafers do not contain human DNA, though they could sometimes acquire a bit of it by being handled. After being consecrated, all their DNA still comes from wheat.

Now you could argue that testing DNA doesn’t tell you whether Jesus is in the wafers, but if they still look and taste like wheat, and still have wheat DNA, on what basis can you then claim that the wafers have become the body of Christ?

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You-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department

Like Gina Miller, this guy is so deranged I can’t help wondering if he’s some sort of cartoon.

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