Dear Readers


I haven’t posted much for the past couple of months; just haven’t felt like tracking-down the stories and doing the work. It’s a sort of letdown from the end of the serial insanities and obscenities of the Trump years, I suppose.

Which is not to say that I think the Republic is out of danger, that common decency and informed judgment have reclaimed the upper hand; emphatically, I think no such thing.

To the contrary, I believe the Good Ol’ U.S. of A. is in very grave danger — and that it’s much worse than during the years of the Trump presidency. After all, Trump’s keening, moronic, authoritarian-leaning, deeply anti-American base has been repudiated — and they are mad.

I do not use the expression “anti-American” casually or inadvertently; I use it deliberately because it is precise. The Trump presidency made it clear: A lot of Americans do not want to live, are not competent to live, as responsible adults in a free country. They want to live as children, and do as Big Daddy tells them.

And, though I think that Joe Biden is a decent, generally-competent man with sound instincts, I question strongly whether he is the right man for this parlous time.

So we who are not nuts still have some very hard days ahead, I fear.

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