Virus-carrying Vectors for Jesus

The case can be made, I suppose, that this conference at Thomas Road Baptist Church (SBC) exhibits the very modest virtue of being consistent with what they claim to believe.

Though fear of the rapidly spreading coronavirus has driven many indoors, and caused countless events to cancel across the region, the energy outside of Thomas Road Baptist Church was closer to that of a tailgate.

Thousands gathered for the annual Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend on Saturday morning, and the parking lot was teeming with people cooking meat, manning booths and playing a few spirited games of cornhole.

While the virus was on many people’s minds, indicated by a noted avoidance of shaking hands and an abundance of travel-size hand sanitizers, men in line outside of the worship center largely were offering a single refrain: They weren’t worried enough not to come.

Because Jesus takes care of His People, et cetera, et cetera. No word about the effect upon the people they carry it to.

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Tweet of the day

Watch this video from beginning to end. Forward it to any evangelical Trump cultists you know.

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Well. The YMCA has closed for 10-days, the local 24-hour Wal*Mart is closing at 11:00 PM for restocking, all of North Carolina’s schools are closed for 2-weeks, the local fast food places are serving only via the drive-though lane, on and on …

Since I was walking around 2-weeks ago grumbling that all of this and more needed to be done at once, I’m not complaining. The inconvenience is not that great, will not last that long, and will help arrest the spread of the virus. Seriously: This thing can be licked if everybody just surrenders a little bit of convenience for a few weeks. If we will all bite the bullet the financial pain can be abbreviated, too.

Not that I’m counting on that happening. The local NextDoor group features a gen-u-ine graduate of the Limbaugh Medical School who has undertaken to dub CoronaVirus as SnowflakeVirus and can’t shut up about the liberal plot to embarrass the First Felon. Or those tricky Chinese have hatched a plot which replaces fake climate change, or something; I can’t keep the conspiracies straight.

There are a lot of idiots here in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A., and they’ve been steeping in far Right lunacy for so long that facts can’t penetrate their ruined minds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping there are enough sane, thinking Americans left to pull us out of the hole.

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Truly, His Ways are Mysterious. He can think an entire universe into existence, flinging trillions of large and small objects into orbits which allow them to transit dark space for billions of years without incident — but Our Invisible Friend is foiled by a virus so teensy that it can’t even be seen!

At Lourdes, for instance, where He sends healing waters to cure His People of sundry maladies, the Pious have determined He cannot protect His Friends from a … virus!

As the number of people testing positive for the coronavirus in Europe continued to grow, the French Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes announced that pilgrims were still welcome, but the pools the sick bathe in hoping for healing would be closed temporarily.

“Our first concern will always be the safety and health of the pilgrims and the shrine’s working community,” said a note posted Feb. 28 on the shrine’s website. “As a precaution, the pools have been closed until further notice.”

Neither is Kentucky’s Ark Encounter secure against the CoronaVirus, though you would certainly think a rational Invisible Friend would exploit an opportunity to instruct innocent minds instead of allowing them to be killed.

The leadership of Answers in Genesis and its biblical attractions, the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, has been and continues to be actively meeting and communicating nearly around the clock concerning the ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

After communicating with our staff yesterday to prepare them for the strong likelihood that our attractions would be closing to the public, we made the decision today and informed our staff earlier that we would be closing the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter to guests effective Tuesday, March 17.

We have taken this action after considering numerous factors, including foremost the health and safety of our staff and our visiting guests.

We project that we will reopen the attractions to the public on Thursday, April 2.

There is only one possible explanation: Viruses are tougher than You-Know-Who — and that’s the judgment of the people who know Him best!

I think you can see, now, what Representative Tlaib is so upset about.

So there you go: Even as Godly people from France to Kentucky agree that He isn’t going to protect them from a teensy li’l virus, poor Rep. Tlaib is getting bashed for saying so frankly.

Truly, His Ways are Mysterious. And the Ways of His Friends are downright Baffling. But maybe my perplexity is merely a sign of my acute wickedness.

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Quote for the day

Presidents should lead by example. They should model behavior and inspire confidence. Trump failed on all counts, because … he is himself.

Leading a cult is not the same as leading a country. Presidential leadership is born of character — morality, honesty, courage, stability — traits foreign to Trump, traits to which he is actively hostile.

Trump’s thoroughly inept handling of this crisis will not pass from the American memory easily. Fear and panic will help etch this one into the psyche. This will leave a scar.

Charles Blow, New York Times

For forty years the loony right has disparaged education as elitism, struggled to embed its superstitions into the law, whined about their declining influence — and finally, in a spasm of reaction, succeeded in electing Donald Trump to the presidency.

As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H.L. Mencken


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