Glad that’s over

It’s the most wonderful tedious time of the year
Apologies to Andy Williams

Am I the only person who is happy, and relieved to return to ordinary life, when Christmas and New Year’s are gone and life goes back to normal?

When the Christmas tree is down and the furniture is back where it belongs? When the carpeting no longer glitters with wayward strands of tinsel, pieces of wrapping, and tape? When the trash collectors have emptied the overfull trash barrel? When the refrigerator has been emptied of huge platters? When there aren’t drop-in interruptions from people? When store shelves are stocked again, store lines are reasonable, and there are parking spots out in the lot?

When — it’s enough to make a guy willing to thank you-know-who — there isn’t a relentless background hum of Christmas carols?

I don’t know whether I’m a Grinch or unusually honest, but I’m always happiest and looking forward to the future when the “Holiday” season is over.

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