Trump answers/insults Christianity Today

As just about everybody must know by now, a major fissure emerged on the Evangelical Right yesterday when Christianity Today, founded by the late Billy Graham, endorsed Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.

The First Felon, y’all will not be surprised to learn, isn’t taking this lying down.

Sadly, because evangelicals appear to have merely substituted the Trump cult for the Christian cult, without ever acknowledging the shift, I doubt this will cause many Trumpists to reconsider their support. In fact …

Franklin Graham wasted no time assuring the Faithful that his daddy would disapprove of the editorial.

Well … who knows? It’s well-established that daddy was just fine with Richard Nixon’s coverup of the Watergate burglary, and was an anti-semite as well, so junior could be right: Ol’ Billy, who never once in his life got on the wrong side of power, may indeed have been just fine with Trump’s behavior.

Now, the more thoughtful evangelicals — Granted, a rarity — generally explain their support for Trump in transactional terms. “Sure Trump is sewage,” they’ll say, “but he’s our sewage and giving us the judges we want and letting us sidestep regulations that apply to everybody else.”

Well, OK, I guess that’s politics, and there is no reason why the Devout shouldn’t be as corrupt and hypocritical as everybody else. But I would love for some evangelical to tell me where the Inerrant Bible authorizes His people to make a deal with the devil.

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