Quote of the day

I pointed yesterday toward a remark by Erick Erickson which says that Pete Buttigieg is not a gen-u-ine Christian. Now, Bruce Gerencser has come up with one that is even better.

AND GOD SAID, “LET THERE BE FAGGOTS.” You will not find that statement in Genesis, Chapter One. But, Democrat Pete Buttigieg is sure God makes faggots.

If God made Pete a faggot, God is a blithering idiot.

[ … ]

Pete’s god is not the God of the Bible.

God created Pete a sodomite, and then God called for Pete to be stoned to death for sodomy, according to the law God gave Moses on Mount Sinai. This sort of talk is considered good edification only in the B Ward of the State Hospital.

Pete’s logic makes a great fool of God. God gave the law against sodomy, and then God made Pete a queer. Not lately, dim bulb.

This is a perfect illustration of the Satanic and demonic power in the lives and thinking of modern leaders in America. This raging beast, Pete, claims that sodomy has brought him closer to God. The only faggot god I know of that would cuddle up to Pete is Shiva, the faggot god of Hinduism.

After all these years of marveling at the stupidity and malice of the Godly, I am still taken aback sometimes; this is foul by even the dismal standards of the Evangelical Right.

The science on this is pretty good; not dispositive, not at the 95% confidence interval, but still very good. Overwhelmingly, the evidence points toward the conclusion that sexual orientation, and much else once thought to be volitional, is hard-wired before birth. Gays are born gay — case closed.

I don’t care what that ridiculous old book written by anonymities says about the matter.

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