The decline continues

More than 2-years ago I made the not-very-daring prediction that Trump’s election would be ruinous for the Evangelical Right. How could it be otherwise when …

  • Donald Trump is a corrupt madman, and …

  • Evangelicals adore him.


Third, 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump, and that will eventually sink into public consciousness, as in, Wait a minute! What are you saying? The church people gave us that piece of sh*t p***y-grabber?! Yep, they did — and that will be the tale of how the Evangelical Right and ‘movement so-called conservatism’ committed political suicide. They might make some noise, occasionally score a small victory … but they are done. The Trump administration, with its inevitable serial indecencies and corruptions, is their achievement, and they will never live it down.

What do you know? Public scorn for the Evangelical Right just continues growing.

From Esquire:

Amid all the chaos and cruelty, perhaps the one enduring benefit of Donald Trump’s presidency will be The Great Unvarnishing. The acidity of Trump’s public persona — his blatant narcissism and vindictiveness and lack of ethics and selfishness and greed — has worn on the top coat of paint many people have applied to themselves, gradually exposing what lies beneath. It isn’t often pretty. All the pretense has gone straight out the window as the president has seized control of one of our two major political parties while saying the quiet parts out loud.

No one pretends Donald Trump is an ethical person. He and his allies scarcely even pretend he is a president for all Americans. Everyone knows for whom he is the president: The Base, and especially the core Republican constituency of White Evangelical Christians.

Presidential candidate, and out gay, Pete Buttigieg got into the act, too, addressing Vice-Preidence Pence: “If you got a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me — your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”

But wait! Famous deep-thinker Erick Erickson says Buttigieg isn’t much of a Christian at all.

W-h-e-e-e-e-e — this is fun. And this is why clear-headed grown-ups don’t take theology seriously: There is no way to settle differences because it’s an illogical mish-mash that sums to nonsense.

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