Call your office, Donald

What do you know? A prominent Christian blogger says the traditional, above-ground press exhibits better ethics than the folk at Christianity Today.

The other reason I’m upset by CT: Mark Galli and his inappropriate defense of the Stetzer’s acceptance of a car. Ethics in the Christian journalistic community seems a bit lacking.The so called *liberal press* has far better ethics.

I don’t call myself a journalist, but I have worked as a magazine editor, and about 125 magazine features have been published with my byline; I know a bit about publishing and journalism and the people who make their living at it.

It is a fact: genuine-article journos are fanatical about getting it right, and squirm with mortification when they don’t. And, as a group, they are every bit as scrupulously ethical as the engineers I’ve worked with. As saddened as I am to learn of these lapses at Christianity Today, it’s pleasing to encounter some recognition of that from a quarter that is so often the locus of antagonism toward the media.

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