Quote for the day

Thus, there will never again be a religiously circumscribed horizon of life and of culture. Perhaps even the saints’ type is only possible given a certain constraint of the intellect that is apparently over and done with forever.

Friedrich Nietzsch
Human, All Too Human, §234e

Friedrich Nietzsche was a true freak-of-nature genius and, like most intelligent men having no understanding of his own uniqueness, innocently assumed that what was obvious to him was obvious to everyone else as well. Accordingly, he believed that the death of Christianity was imminent.

That was almost 150-years ago.

His timing was off, but we can look around today and know that he foresaw accurately. With the unavoidable death of Christianity’s moral authority as the orthodox storyline fails before science and scholarship, nihilism has filled the void. Thus, the evangelical love affair with Donald Trump, who is indifferent to facts and values nothing but ‘winning.’

We are living in the time that Nietzsche believed was at hand.

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