Potential SOTU venues

What do you know? The states of Michigan and North Carolina, where the GOP attempted to neuter the governor’s office as soon as a Democrat was elected, have offered the First Felon their capitals as venues for delivering the State of the Union address.

The GOP House Speakers of two states have invited President Donald Trump to give his State of the Union from their respective state capitols.

“Due to the unavailability of the United States House of Representatives for your State of the Union address, I would like to extend to you an official invite to deliver your address in the House chamber in the Michigan State Capitol,” Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield said in a letter also posted to Facebook.

As longtime readers know, I am now a resident of North Carolina, was reared in Detroit, and educated in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, at Michigan Tech.

Though I avoid having anything to do with Detroit, as much as possible, I made reservations at a favorite Upper Peninsula motel just a few hours ago for the Fourth of July. If you’ve never been to the U.P., you’ve missed one of America’s loveliest, most friendly places.

My advice: Stay out of North Carolina if you can, because the natives are mad — as in angry, and unhinged — and stay out of Michigan’s industrial southeast, because it appears they’re losing their grip, too.

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