‘Family values’ take a hit

Michael Hamar points toward the story of a mother who left her church rather than abandon her lesbian daughter.

After 20 years in an evangelical church, the mother of five “believed that being gay was somehow wrong.” . . . . But she knew their family would never be the same in the church again. The advice from her Bible study peers was clear: “Homosexuality is a sin and we can’t accept it.”

So she had a choice to make. And in a tearful moment onstage she said, ” I realized I was being asked to choose between the two most important parts of my life: my child and my church. I chose my child.” And the audience stood and applauded.

Good for mom! The takeaways:

  1. ‘Family values’ is a marketing lie. The 1st-Century Christian church was a cult, and the New Testament is the literature of a cult. Christianity is, necessarily, anti-family — because healthy marriages and families undermine the authority of the cult.

  2. Most people, like this mother, have too much sense and decency to be good Christians. Those people who don’t tend toward the conservative denominations, such as the Southern Baptists.

  3. Stay the hell away from people who don’t, because they will betray you for the glory of Jesus without a second thought; put them as far out of your life as you can.

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