Dismal theology-related news of the day

I pointed a few weeks ago toward a story from Missouri, where a Baptist university professor was fired for surveilling his colleagues’ orthodoxy. The authentically Godly, you will not be surprised to learn, are more than a little annoyed than a heresy hunter has been punished for wishing to cleanse the school that teaches their children.

A Baptist university in Missouri has invited independent review of teaching in its religion department after firing a professor who accused colleagues of doubting whether sinners who die without Christ must suffer eternally in hell.

[ … ]

Specific questions include whether the university harbors [Harbor? As in, Anne Frank hiding behind the fake partition?] religion professors “who do not believe the traditional doctrine of everlasting punishment.”

These sorts of disputes are common amongst believers, but there are a couple of things worth noting.

First, this pack of morons think they’re having an intellectually serious conversation about a real thing that is important. Never mind that they can’t prove their god exists, and never mind that they can’t prove that the god they can’t prove exists somehow superintended the production of the ambiguous and contradictory Inerrant Bible.

Second, they worship, and hope to spend eternity with, a supernatural being who punishes people for eternity for not belonging to their club.

Theology should not be taken seriously, because theology is incapable of establishing its premises. And there is something misshapen and deformed in the character of people who lust after the eternal torment of others.


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