Baptist professor too conservative

This is fun: It seems that someplace called Southwest Baptist University has fired a faculty member for being too conservative and doing as the Patterson/Pressler group did during the so-called Consrvative Resurgence — surveilling colleagues’ doctrinal purity.

Clint Bass served as a professor of church history in the Redford College of Theology and Ministry at Southwest Baptist University from 2009 – 2018. Prior to November 28, 2018, he never had a negative review nor had disciplinary action ever been taken against him.

Early on in his teaching career at SBU, Bass observed certain signs suggesting that the Redford College in which he taught was not well aligned with the supporting churches of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Every now and then he logged examples to substantiate this view.

Well … ho-hum. Since evangelicals are too intellectually corrupt to bother with establishing their premises — Our Invisible Friend is real, and the production of the Inerrant Bible was somehow superintended by Our Invisible Friend — theological disputes are innately doomed to go unresolved because they cannot be appealed to undisputed facts. This is, incidentally, the same reason that Donald Trump’s fact-free governance is so dangerous, and probably the reason that evangelicals adore him.

Strikingly, a lot of students and their families seem to be backing the purist professor — which means there is another generation of idiots out there.

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