Quote for the day (and reader poll)

The presidential oath of office contains 35 words and one core promise: to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Since virtually the moment Donald J. Trump took that oath two years ago, he has been violating it.

He has repeatedly put his own interests above those of the country. He has used the presidency to promote his businesses. He has accepted financial gifts from foreign countries. He has lied to the American people about his relationship with a hostile foreign government. He has tolerated cabinet officials who use their position to enrich themselves.

To shield himself from accountability for all of this — and for his unscrupulous presidential campaign — he has set out to undermine the American system of checks and balances. He has called for the prosecution of his political enemies and the protection of his allies. He has attempted to obstruct justice. He has tried to shake the public’s confidence in one democratic institution after another, including the press, federal law enforcement and the federal judiciary.

David Leonhardt

It is clear that Trump’s continuance in office — or not — will be the centerpiece of a lot of conversation in 2019, so I’m reprising some polls that were, when I first published them, regarded by many readers as premature — though some of us saw a long, long time ago that the Trump administration would inevitably provoke a Constitutional crisis.

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