Looks like the preacher cheated

I pointed a while back toward an unusual election outcome here in North Carolina, where a Republican had flipped a Democratic seat.

Democrats flipped House seats all over the country, but here in North Carolina, where all right-minded people are Southern Baptists who know it all went wrong when a talking snake tricked a gullible woman into stealing a bad piece of fruit, a Baptist pastor flipped a Democratic seat.

What do you know? It looks increasingly as if the Republican, a Southern Baptist preacher, may have been a bit too casual about following the rule book.

A man who worked as an “independent contractor” for Republican Mark Harris’ campaign in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District is a convicted felon who faced jail time for fraud and perjury, according to court records.

Over the last two decades, he has been paid by at least nine candidates, all for get-out-the-vote work, according to state records.

Curiously, though the Republican obsession with voter fraud reaches into even the Oval Office, not one Republican has pounced on this case as something demonstrating the reality of ballot fraud. Go figure.

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