Meet my neighbors, ctd

Democrats flipped House seats all over the country, but here in North Carolina, where all right-minded people are Southern Baptists who know it all went wrong when a talking snake tricked a gullible woman into stealing a bad piece of fruit, a Baptist pastor flipped a Democratic seat.

Democratic candidate Dan McCready conceded to Republican opponent Mark Harris in North Carolina’s District 9 race Wednesday evening.

McCready did not make an announcement after Tuesday’s election. At midnight, the race was separated by just under 2,000 votes.

[ … ]

Mark Harris, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Charlotte, defeated incumbent Robert Pittenger in the Republican primary for the 9th District seat in May.

Notice that: The Republicans refused to re-nominate the incumbent and gave the nomination to an untried candidate, a pastor, who (barely) prevailed. So there you go: Most of America is sick of the Loony Right — but not here in the Tarheel state.

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