Tips for becoming a nuisance

Chuck Lawless, Dean of the Graduate School at Southeastern Seminary, has observed that some evangelicals just don’t evangelize the way they ought, and has put together some helpful advice for restoring the fervor.

Here is my favorite:

At least once a week, take a couple of hours to see your community with God’s eyes. Drive around, praying as you go. If you see worship sites for other world faiths, grieve for those who worship false gods. Pray for the children and teens who attend schools you pass. Go to a local shopping center; sit and watch the shoppers. See them as sheep without a shepherd. Pray for them, knowing you may be the only person praying for those folks that day.

How do you designate that time in your organizer? “Drive around grieving and weeping”?

Deliberately or not, Lawless has put his finger on the psychological trick exploited by prayer and self-improvement books from Think and Grow Rich to The Secret: Obsess, and mobilize the subconscious to change behavior.

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