The Art of the Big Lie, ctd

The Donald is out with a bunch of them this morning.

A portion of the JFK files were released on the appointed date, and a great many more remain unavailable on “national security” grounds. This claim is make-believe.

This is egregious. Insurance premiums are up because Trump withheld the federal subsidy, and has otherwise devoted himself to sabotaging the ACA; the Dems do not “own it.” Donald Trump and the feckless Republicans in Congress own it.

Oh … please. Do Trump and his Republican whores truly not know that everybody with two eyeballs and a properly functioning mind knows perfectly well that this is nothing but an infantile distraction cooked-up to divert attention from his knowing cooperation with Russia?

None of this will affect his base; they knew well before the election that The Donald is nothing but a brazen liar. I remain confidant, as I was immediately after the election, that the American people, and the courts, and the press, will step forward to defend their country against Trump and the malice-eaten ignoramuses who think he is a Great Man. It is no coincidence that, a mere 9-months into his administration, even friendly pollsters show the Republicans down 20-points in the looming 2018 elections.

“An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.”

Simon Cameron

Politicians read polls, too; on the evidence, they read little else. They will stop ignoring Trump’s serial indecencies when they realize that too-close identification with the brazenly-corrupt Buffoon-in-Chief comes with a cost — their jobs.

When the 15-years long turmoil that was the so-called “conservative resurgence” within the Southern Baptist Convention finally ended, the talking-point became “Yes, it was ugly — but it had to be done.” It was the ruin of dozens of honorable careers with whispering campaigns, outright lies, betrayals … all the corrupt techniques of Tammany Hall — and Donald Trump. The so-called Values Voters — the white evangelicals who comprise the greatest part of the 35% of Americans who are Trump’s unshakeable base — will never acknowledge the injury they have done to their country or the brazen repudiation of what they claim are their values. They will say it had to be done to protect America from nigras, moozlims, gays, libruls, et cetera. It will be up to the rest of us to make repairs, and to never be fooled again by Christianity’s brazen, self-congratulatory marketing lies.

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