Evangelical Right readies for a fight

The Evangelical Right is organizing an all-out defense of The Donald.

The religious right is steeling itself for a Biblical battle on Trump’s behalf

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His religious-right defenders see themselves as warriors in an epic battle for Christian America, not unlike the one underlying the agenda envisioned by top Trump strategist Stephen K. Bannon — and as Trump hunkers down, they are invested in the narrative that Trump’s critics are satanic enemies bent on destroying him.

Well. Since I’m not a Christian, and can’t wait for America to come to its senses and get rid of The Donald, I guess that means me.

The larger context here is that the religious right is girding for a much longer fight alongside Trump. His signing of his new travel ban today will signal to the religious right that he remains a strong defender of their Christian nation. A Pew poll in February found that 76 percent of white evangelicals supported his original executive order, and a Public Religion Research Institute poll found that white evangelicals are the only constituency whose support for a Muslim ban has grown since last year.

This makes a demented sort of sense, though it is self-evidently bad for the country. For better or worse, it was the Evangelical Right that put Trump in office — and they own the disgrace of him. If Trump goes over a cliff — and he doubtless will — they and their supposed moral authority go with him.

And I don’t intend to let anybody in my orbit forget who gave us the national disgrace of Donald Trump.

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