How-crazy-are-they? department

Hostage to evangelical loonies who just can’t face reality, the Republican Party’s platform is on track to be the most deranged agenda ever. Worse, because we’re talking about crazy people, the platform is unlikely to be forgotten the very minute the convention ends. In times past, the grown-ups would have stepped-in to shut-down the loonies; not this go-round, though.

  • Though several states have banned so-called ‘conversion therapy,’ for the reason that the overwhelming majority of scientists believe gender identity and sexual orientation are hard-wired before birth, and conversion therapy is psychologically harmful, Tony Perkins has persuaded the party to consider a plank in support of it.

  • The platform calls for reversal of the Supreme Court decision upholding same-sex marriage.

  • The platform includes a plank permitting the Bible to be used to teach history.

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