Quote for the day

It is the custom of a pack of Southern Baptist oddities who go by the name Pyromaniacs to publish a portion of a sermon by Charles Spurgeon every Sunday morning. This week, predictably enough, they reprise Protestant hatred of Catholicism.

The thick pollutions of thine abominable church forbid the idea of descent from any apostle but the traitor Judas.

Since he was cursed who rebuilt Jericho, much more the man who labours to restore Popery among us. In our fathers’ days the gigantic walls of Popery fell by the power of their faith, the perseverance of their efforts, and the blast of their gospel trumpets; and now there are some who would rebuild that accursed system upon its old foundation.

O Lord, be pleased to thwart their unrighteous endeavours, and pull down every stone which they build. It should be a serious business with us to be thoroughly purged of every error which may have a tendency to foster the spirit of Popery, and when we have made a clean sweep at home we should seek in every way to oppose its all too rapid spread abroad in the church and in the world.

The abiding irony is that Southern Baptists are now ‘Baptist’ in name only, because they have rejected each of that tradition’s three great distinctives. They now practice infant baptism, their rejection of separation of church and state is manifest in their activism, and they teach that the priesthood of the believer is vested in only pastors. Indeed, that last, in combination with their heavy-handed authoritarianism in matters of conscience, raises a fair question of whether they should even be considered Protestants any longer; I incline to say, No.

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