Feel the love-love-love department

An Iowa radio host consoles himself with the thought that those conservatives who didn’t rally to Kim Davis are going to suffer especially when they get to hell.

“Beware of those in a culture war who write, you know, really principled and highly intellectual thought pieces for conservative or Christian outlets, and then in a time of crisis and confrontation like this, they say, oh this is not the right hill to die on,” he fumed. “What they really mean, Bob, is there’s never a right time to stand for anything nor is there ever any hill to die on. And these are the people, they’re going to hold the jail cell open for us when the Marxists throw us inside too.”

He added that his only comfort was that those conservatives are on their way to Hell: “It reminds me of the famous quote from Dante, that the hottest places in Hell are reserved for these kind of cowardly quislings. And I’ll just flat-out say it on the radio, the mere thought of that comforts me. The mere thought of that statement being true comforts me, because it confirms that God is just and they have received their award in full.”

As I said last week, there is an upside to the Kim Davis flap: No clearheaded adult can have any excuse whatever for failing to understand how ignorant and malicious the evangelical right actually is. They have finished themselves as an important political force.

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