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Unless one has a legitimate medical reason to not get vaccinated – I’d make zero exceptions for “religious beliefs” – getting vaccinated needs to be mandatory. All employers, universities, restaurants and other business need to require their employees (the ones who refuse should be fired and be treated as have been fired for cause, thus depriving them unemployment payments) and customer be vaccinated and refuse entry to the unvaccinated. Life needs to become very difficult and unpleasant for these individuals who are putting themselves and all of the rest of us at risk. They need to become pariahs and no sympathy afforded to their ignorant, self-centered, and/or delusional beliefs.

Michael Hamar

I unreservedly agree. Whether or not to vaccinate is not a private decision; it affects the people around you. It’s not merely a matter of personal care and well-being — it’s a matter of good citizenship.

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