Covid perversity

Every unvaccinated adult that I know is a Trump suppoerter. That can’t possibly be a coincidence; undoubtedly, the generality of vaccine deniers reject vaccination as some sort of sign of loyalty to Donald Trump, science skepticism, hostility to the notion of public responsibilities in general.

It probably sounds hard-hearted but, generally, I’m just fine with natural selection carrying-off the morons; unhappily, these clowns are a danger to everybody around them because they are breeding grounds for variants — one of which, inevitably, will be able to slip past vaccines. The person who refuses vaccination is not — Repeat: NOT — endangering only him– or herself; those people endanger everybody.

Going unvaccinated is not quite the same as carrying a loaded, unholstered gun, but it is every bit as reckless, irresponsible, and anti-social, and I suspect we’re approaching a point where sensible self-protection is going to require that the unvaccinated be put out of our lives, told they are not welcome in our homes. I hate to even think of doing that, but the present trajectory of the disease makes it appear increasingly likely.

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