Quote for the day

One can only hope that prosecutors in New York State and New York City and perhaps Georgia have the moral courage to pursue Trump and put him behind bars.

Michael Hamar

I thought, right till the vote was called, that there was a good chance that Trump would be convicted. After all …

  • The sumbidg is actually guilty as hell. Even Mitch McConnell concedes that.

  • If I were a Senator, I’d have a definite attitude problem toward somebody who sicced a mob on my office.

  • It’s a documented fact that Trump tweeted criticism of Mike Pence just moments after leaning that Pence’s life had been endangered.

I mean … seriously: We are talking about an insurrection stoked by a sitting president in order to overturn an election — an attack against this country.

What do you know? I underestimated the whorishness of the GOP … again.

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