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God is incomprehensible — yet theology is sure his “infinite love” spawned nature’s slaughterhouse of foxes ripping rabbits apart, sharks gashing seals, pythons suffocating pigs and the rest of the “grand drama of life.”

What evidence supports this peculiar conclusion? None — just trust theology.

That’s why I’ve decided that there is no such thing as sophisticated theology. At bottom, the issue is simple: Either supernatural spirits exist, or they don’t. Either heavens, hells, gods, devils, saviors, miracles and the rest are real, or they’re concoctions of the human imagination.

James A. Haught

Correct. Theology has no intellectual dignity, it is not a branch of knowledge, and it deserves no respect. And the reason is simple: Theology does not do the hard work of establishing its premises. First, you have to prove the existence of a supernatural being. Then, you have to prove it’s the supernatural being Abraham was so proud of. After that, you have to prove that supernatural being somehow superintended the production of the Bible, in order to communicate with us.

Theologians know they can’t do that, and dodge the problems by grandly calling themselves ‘presuppositionalists,’ which means they presuppose the truth of all those claims.

Sorry, but … No. An engineer might cover tens of pages with calculations when analyzing a problem — and every single line has a documented pedigree. That’s the reason theologians have nothing to show for themselves but millennia of savagery, and engineering has put a man on the moon.

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