Meet my (former) neighbors, ctd

A fight broke out over a noose, and another guy was carrying around an axe, at today’s demonstration at the Michigan capital in Lansing.

Tension mounted at Thursday’s Michigan Capitol demonstration about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown orders when two protesters fought over a noose display, and police confiscated an ax.

A brief skirmish occurred when some protesters objected to another demonstrator’s display of a doll with a noose around its neck, along with an American flag, witnesses said.

You can no more deny the racism of a doll in a noose that you can deny the racism that undergirds the Confederate battle flag. And what has that to do — precisely, please — with objecting to Governor Whitmer’s lockdown order? And what could possibly be the point of carrying an axe, but to intimidate lawmakers?

Nothing. These demonstrations are no more than a spasm of rage on the part of the disaffected, left behind by education and technological progress, and have nothing to do with the lockdown order. The demonstrations will survive the lockdown order, though, because these fools are going to remain out of step and facing a world they are no longer able to understand.

And these clowns will go to the polls on November 3rd, along with the swelling numbers of evangelicals who have managed to convince themselves that Our Invisible Friend anointed Donald Trump to run things.

Much of the lunatic behavior on the Right is informed by a sense of desperation, awareness that the world has changed in ways they can’t understand or adjust to, and those people are likely to view the upcoming election as an Alamo-like Last Stand against the smartypants who are comfortable living online, letting robots do the hard labor, and don’t need the scowls of an Invisible Friend to know it’s wrong to lie and steal.

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