You-read-it-here-first department, ctd

Last week, I remarked on history’s verdict on Donald Trump.

The world is going to be telling the stories of Trump’s screw-ups — and laughing — for 1000-years. And marveling that America elected such a corrupt and incompetent pile of sewage.

Now, a bona fide historian tells CNN the same thing.

At the epicenter of the nation’s and the world’s pandemic, Cuomo has been reminding us that the worst of the crisis is just beginning. The same is true for history’s assessment of President Trump. The coronavirus is immune to his manipulation and spin. It is the defining challenge of his presidency and of his life. Compared with other presidential crises, like the 9/11 attacks or Hurricane Katrina, it has occurred slowly, with ample warning, giving the president many opportunities to act and, we see now, fail.

The accounting will continue. And like the pandemic, it will be devastating.

Some of the MAGA-cult may have begun to fall away, but probably not many. Most of them are in the grip of the same psychological need that turns people into Moonies, Scientologists, Southern Baptists; they aren’t animated by reason, but by perverse psychological impulses.

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