Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

A mish-mash of thoughts that have stacked-up during the past week, in no particular order.

  • First, Bruce Gerencser made a striking post last evening about a church in his area that continues to hold Sunday Services — collection day.

    There’s not really much you can do about or for stupid people. As I’ve said many times through the years, The stupid are like the poor: they’ll always be with us. But these self-serving morons endanger others, too, and that should not be permitted. Ohio’s governor erred when he didn’t order churches closed, too.

  • However inconvenient it is that needful services are unavailable, restaurants are closed, store shelves are empty of things that are needed, and vacation plans are upended, I incline to find it heartening. Most Americans are taking the CoronaVirus pandemic seriously and searching for alternative ways of getting the job done while minimizing contact with others. Our best defense is vigorously mobilizing — and that’s good.

  • The world is going to be telling the stories of Trump’s screw-ups — and laughing — for 1000-years. And marveling that America elected such a corrupt and incompetent pile of sewage.

    I said shortly after the election, and still believe, that this is the end of the Evangelical Right. This is on them, and this is the meaning, literally, and fulfillment, of their death-wish theology. They are not part of the decent, educated world, and the best defense is to put them out of your life.

  • I have thought often these past few weeks of a parlor game that was popular 20 or so years ago — Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The rapid spread of the virus affirms the premise of the game, which is that there are no more than six degrees of separation between any two people on earth. A knows B, who once attended a play starring C, who is the cousin of D, who once attended a church service conducted by E — who is the … Pope.

    This is a principle beloved by conspiracy ‘theorists’ — aka, nutjobs — but makes an important and relevant point: We are not so far apart as we may like to think. Just because no virus cases has been reported in your county does not mean that you’re safely in Outer Darkness. The kid delivering your pizza may be just a few connections removed from someone just returned from Italy and asymptomatically infectious as all get out. To work, social distancing has to be, basically, comprehensive.

Stay healthy and hunkered down.

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