Dismal theology-related tweet for the day

Here in Wake Forest, the home of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, you can scarcely go outdoors without tripping over some yahoo that believes Charles Darwin and Satan were regular pals. Indeed, evolution was one of the big issues that triggered the so-called Conservative Resurgence 40-years ago. Then, seminary faculty tended to be accepting of evolution, and were seeking theological workarounds that enabled them to uphold Original Sin without making fools of themselves when they were among educated non-Baptists. That annoyed the Ma and Pa Kettle faction — by far the largest in the SBC — who were just fine with the simplistic, uncomplicated Genesis narrative.

Thus began an intradenomination civil war that lasted 20-years and drove off everybody with an IQ higher than room temperature, and resulted in Albert Mohler representing Baptist intellectualism.

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