Virus-carrying Vectors for Jesus

The case can be made, I suppose, that this conference at Thomas Road Baptist Church (SBC) exhibits the very modest virtue of being consistent with what they claim to believe.

Though fear of the rapidly spreading coronavirus has driven many indoors, and caused countless events to cancel across the region, the energy outside of Thomas Road Baptist Church was closer to that of a tailgate.

Thousands gathered for the annual Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend on Saturday morning, and the parking lot was teeming with people cooking meat, manning booths and playing a few spirited games of cornhole.

While the virus was on many people’s minds, indicated by a noted avoidance of shaking hands and an abundance of travel-size hand sanitizers, men in line outside of the worship center largely were offering a single refrain: They weren’t worried enough not to come.

Because Jesus takes care of His People, et cetera, et cetera. No word about the effect upon the people they carry it to.

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