Dismal theology-related tweet of the day

This tweet is a nice pointer to the poverty of evangelicals’ lives.

Without Jesus the only things Pious Albert can think to do are …

  1. Figure-out for himself what his life is good for, or …

  2. Pull the covers over his head and go to sleep.

But! Jesus saves him from those grim choices — and from burning for eternity! Yay!

This is so pathetic I’d probably feel sorry for Mohler if he weren’t so ridiculous. After all, billions — billions — of people live satisfying lives that they consider meaningful and, believe it or not, sleep at night, too. This is a good pointer, also, to the shoebox-sized world of the Evangelical Right — they don’t know about those billions of people who have satisfying lives without Jesus; they think everybody else on earth is as screwed-up as they are. They actually believe that.

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