Unremarked consequences

We’ve all heard that the Trump tariffs are hurting farmers et. al., but there are other, less dramatic consequences that are annoying and unremarked.

Dawn and I have repainted the entire interior of the house over the past couple of years, one room or hallway a vacation-week at a time. With each room, I’ve replaced the cheap white plastic wall-plates that cover the switches and outlets with white ceramic plates. It’s an aesthetic thing, I suppose. The white ceramic doesn’t discolor with time, and simply has a nicer, cleaner, more substantial look; they please my eye, and that’s all the excuse I need.

We finished the last hallway during the Christmas break; two single-toggle plates, and one triple-toggle plate, and we’re done. What do you know? The outlet (no pun intended) I’ve been buying them from doesn’t have the single-toggle plates in stock, and doesn’t know when they will.

At this time, due to the tariff situation, the manufacturer has found the need to move the production of these plate to a new location. Due to this change, we do no have a time frame at this moment for when they will be back in stock.

We are working to find another source but at this time do not have anything concrete available.

Granted, a couple of rogue wall-plates that don’t match the rest of the house isn’t a Big Deal in the grand scheme of things — but it sure as hell is annoying, especially when it’s the direct consequence of the First Felon’s half-baked tariff wars.

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