Dismal theology-related quote for the day

If you hate this man, if you hate this president, if there is something in you that you hates this man, I strongly counsel you to go on a fast-and-prayer and seek the Lord with all your heart because something is wrong in you. You have been deluded, you have been blindfolded, and the enemy is having his way with you.

If you still hate Trump, forget about the man himself — the personality — forget about that and focus on what he stands for and what he has done and what he is doing, He is doing our Father’s agenda. He is tearing down the pedophile rings, human trafficking, drug smuggling. He is also coming against abortion, he wants to get rid of abortion, all of it. He has already defunded Planned Parenthood and they are fighting him tooth and nail. He has appointed many constitutional judges and two Supreme Court justices. He is bringing this nation back to righteousness, or he is trying to. He has given Christians a voice, he is protecting the Christians, he’s protecting the churches. He is stopping all these Muslim terrorists from coming in. He is doing the will of the Father in this country.

Pastor Augusto Petez

By the way, thanks to the tax code we are all subsidizing this dishonest lunacy.

There is a bright spot: Thanks to the close identification of the Evangelical Right with Trump, the ‘nones’ just keep increasing. Of course. Who wants to be identified with these fools?

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