Praying for Trump’s re-election?

Paula White, televangelist and brand new White House staffer, is leading a prayer initiative which aims to get Donald Trump re-elected.

Paula White, a televangelist who has been a key spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump for years and who recently joined the White House staff, has partnered with a group of other religious right activists to launch a new prayer effort aimed at getting Trump reelected in 2020.

The effort, called the One Voice Prayer Movement, finds White teaming up with fellow right-wing activists such as Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Dave Kubal, and others. The group unveiled its efforts with an inaugural prayer call yesterday, which featured White praying against the demonic efforts that seek to undermine Trump and remove him from the White House.

So: the White House has hired a televangelist, at public expense, with no discernible skill but flim-flamming the gullible, and her job is to lead a prayer initiative for the First Felon’s re-election?

Surely this is illegal?

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