Character and public life

Rand Paul appeared in Kentucky last evening at the First Felon’s rally for gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin, and demanded that the press “do it’s job” and reveal the name of the whistleblower whose report triggered the ongoing Ukraine investigation.

Addressing a packed arena in Lexington, Ky., Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) claimed on Monday night that he knows the identity of the whistleblower whose complaint is at the center of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump. Then, Paul delivered a pointed message to the media.

“Do your job and print his name!” the senator yelled, prompting the crowd to raucously chant, “Do your job!”

As the House Democrats’ effort to impeach Trump heats up, the president and his allies have fixated on unmasking the whistleblower, whose identity is protected by federal law, and the person’s alleged political motives. Earlier on Monday, Trump demanded public testimony from the whistleblower.

There is good reason that the whistleblower’s name is protected by federal law: neither physical nor career injury should be the cost of reporting wrongdoing. What is more, in the instant case the whistleblower’s allegations have been independently corroborated; there is no need to know the whistleblower’s name.

Surely, Paul knows all of this, and so the story is really about his commitment to clean government, about his willingness to put his country ahead of his party — about his character. And Paul’s character reveals he is unfit for office.

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