Dump FOX News

Representative Justin Amash, the only Republican to publicly support impeachment, held a Town Hall event a few days ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was asked by attendees to explain his support for removing Trump from office. Naturally, he cited the Mueller Report.

Cathy Garnaat, a Republican who supported Amash and the president said she was upset about Amash’s position but wanted to hear his reasoning. She said that she will definitely support Trump in 2020 but that Tuesday night was the first time she had heard that the Mueller report didn’t completely exonerate the president.

I was surprised to hear there was anything negative in the Mueller report at all about President Trump. I hadn’t heard that before,” she said. “I’ve mainly listened to conservative news and I hadn’t heard anything negative about that report and President Trump has been exonerated.”

One hopes that an unseemly suspicion will trickle into Ms. Garnaat’s mind: Could FOX News be lying to us?

I am convinced that the only way to get the truth to the poorly-informed is to tell them frankly and unambiguously that we are not talking about ‘spin,’ we are not talking about plausible alternative interpretations of facts, we are talking about lies. Lies. L-I-E-S. FOX News lies to you. You are being played for suckers.

And then hand them a copy of the report.

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