Barr’s deception

Anybody who has actually read the Mueller Report is aware that Attorney General Barr’s 4-page précis of the report is grievously misleading.

What do you know? It seems that much of the Congress hasn’t read the report.

Robert Mueller’s brief, eight-minute remarks on Wednesday about his investigation left the non-conservatives who closely follow his work fairly nonplussed. Mueller was simply reiterating things he had already written in his report. Conservatives, on the other hand, erupted in outrage.

What so vexed the right about Mueller’s curt affirmation of his previous conclusions? The answer, as we’ll see, seems to be that they believed their own propaganda about what Mueller had (and had not) found. Presented even briefly with reality, their minds have reeled in shock.

Mueller produced massive evidence that President Trump committed Nixonian-scale obstruction of justice in office.

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Trump, William Barr, and the Republican Party followed a strategy of systematically lying about this. Barr repeatedly suggested that Mueller, rather than being unable to charge Trump with crimes, simply didn’t have enough evidence of misconduct to make up his mind. By all indications, the conservative intelligentsia has failed to read the report and believes the misleading spin emanating from the president and his loyal attorney general.

I’ve been marveling for weeks that the report hasn’t created a greater stir, and have reached the same conclusion: After almost 2-years of relentless speculation and anticipation, few Americans have actually read the report; they’ve surrendered their understanding to the liars at FOX News, Breitbart, et. al.

A criminal sits in the Oval Office; that is a fact — and incontestable proof of it is at your local bookstore.

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