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Meet my neighbors, ctd

All right-minded Tarheels are Southern Baptists, filled with love-love-love for everybody*, so nobody should be surprised that the First Felon had no difficulty inciting them to new behavioral lows. GREENVILLE, N.C. — President Trump road-tested his attacks on four Democratic … Continue reading

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Honors for Alan Turing

Alan Turing, the gay genius who masterminded the defeat of Germany’s Enigma cipher during World War II, is to be recognized on Britain’s £50 note. Turing was prosecuted for his homosexuality after the war, and committed suicide.

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Hunter Thompson, b. 1937-Jul-18

Think what you like of Hunter Thompson’s politics, he was — with the possible exceptions of H.L. Mencken or Gore Vidal — America’s best essayist. And the opening line of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is, going away, the … Continue reading

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