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Accurate theology-related tweet of the day

"Gun worship" overtakes alcoholic-fueled shamanistic rituals as most prevalent form of religion in U,S. Pennsylvania province. Third most popular religion is christianity. pic.twitter.com/gvZNurG4K2 — DPRK News Service (@DPRK_News) March 1, 2018

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The ‘meaning’ of Billy Graham’s death

Jim Bakker — who somehow persuaded church secretary Jessica Hahn that Jesus wanted him to have sex with her (though Tammy Faye was at home putting-on makeup, and ready and willing), who got sent to prison for defrauding investors out … Continue reading

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Dismal theology-related tweet for the day

Without God’s help, you can read your Bible for a lifetime and still miss what God is saying. https://t.co/zGEpkebBpk — Desiring God (@desiringGod) March 1, 2018 I dunno. Wouldn’t you think The Creator Of The Whole Big Universe could do … Continue reading

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