The ‘meaning’ of Billy Graham’s death

Jim Bakker — who somehow persuaded church secretary Jessica Hahn that Jesus wanted him to have sex with her (though Tammy Faye was at home putting-on makeup, and ready and willing), who got sent to prison for defrauding investors out of millions in connection with operation of a South Carolina resort, and who now peddles survivalist biscuits — has alerted his fans that Billy Graham’s death means that the End Times are now upon us.

“I mourn for him because I believe [it’s] the end of an era, and not only the end of an era but perhaps the beginning of the Last Days,” Bakker said. “This is what many prophets have told me before this day; they said when Billy Graham dies, it’s going to signal the beginning [of the End Times].”

That does sound alarming, but another group says that Billy Graham’s death signals the beginning of a global revival.

“There’s never been anything on planet Earth like what’s about to happen,” said host Dutch Sheets at Thursday evening’s opening session, predicting worldwide spiritual revival as well as political and spiritual transformation of the United States as a result of the event and the prayers that preceded it. The death of Billy Graham, whose body rested in the U.S. Capitol during the conference, was described as confirmation of the spiritual significance of the gathering, with Graham’s anointing being placed on a new generation of spiritual warriors.

[ … ]

Now, according to conference leaders, it’s time for the church to move from pleading with God to ruling with him — and with Trump, who one speaker described as “the father of this nation.”

Billy Graham was 99-years old when he died. I think his death means only that clean-living pays off.

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