Cheap grandiosity

Albert Mohler, the Very Mightiest Theologian of Them All, exemplifies the intellectual corruption of theology.

Before an intellectually honest man cites Scripture as authoritative guidance, he establishes that it is a trustworthy source. In the instant case, he investigates …

  • Does a supernatural being exist?

  • If so, is the supernatural being the one that Abraham was so proud of?

  • If so, did that supernatural being superintend the creation of Scripture?

  • If so, are any of the Bibles we have today an accurate rendering of the text whose production was superintended by Abraham’s supernatural being?

As we all know, not one of those claims has ever been proved. Indeed, after millennia of trying, nobody has ever adduced a scintilla of objective evidence in favor of any of those propositions.

Here is how theologians get around the problem: They grandly declare themselves presuppositionalists — meaning they presuppose the truth of each of those claims — and set to minute parsings of the texts and ordering people around. And, believe it or not, more often than not that pack of preening frauds get away with it — including constricting their neighbor’s Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

There is a reason why there has been a tremendous improvement in the quality of life since Newton got bonked on the head by that apple, and religion has nothing to show for itself but misery: Facts matter. Gen-u-ine Ph.D. or not, Albert Mohler would wash out of a good science– or engineering– or law school about halfway through his freshman year.

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