Tweetstorm of the day

You might be wondering, What’s up with The Donald since he got humiliated by that pudgy North Korean delinquent?

Y’all will probably not be surprised to learn that the First Felon is still a corrupt madman enamored of Big Lies.

According to every publisher that the press have asked …

  • Michael Cohen shopped around a proposed book about Trump, once upon a time.

  • Nobody bit.

  • There is no book deal or book about to be published.

  • Nobody acknowledges ever seeing a manuscript.

Trump is lying — the claim is pure invention of a very particular sort, however. It is what used to be known as a Big Lie, something so garish and demonstrably false that some people would conclude there just has to be something to it.

Trump’s cultists regard him as a god-like figure — and they will believe it. You can count on hearing, from Trump supporters, about the conflicts between Cohen’s testimony and his book; it will be remarked as a universally recognized, acknowledged fact.

This is being done the same way that Trump lied about Lester Holt.

Andy Lack is still the President of NBC News, and Trump’s frank acknowledgment to Lester Holt that Comey was fired because of the “Russia thing” is still routinely broadcast; no “fudging” was ever discovered.

But notice how Trump’s smears, his Big Lies, are delivered — as though they are settled, established facts that everybody knows. This is how propaganda works; it doesn’t change minds, but gives permission to believe untrue things that people want to believe. Trump’s supporters want to believe that the “Russia thing” is a witch hunt, so they’re happy to believe that Holt is corrupt and “fudged” the tape somehow. They want to believe that Cohen lied Wednesday, so there is a mysterious manuscript which proves it.

We have a very dangerous man in the White House, and the Deplorable One-Third who believe him are no less dangerous.

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