If you read one thing today …

The Houston Chronicle has published today the first of a 3-part series detailing the result of a months-long investigation of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention.

In all, since 1998, roughly 380 Southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers have faced allegations of sexual misconduct, the newspapers found. That includes those who were convicted, credibly accused and successfully sued, and those who confessed or resigned. More of them worked in Texas than in any other state.

They left behind more than 700 victims, many of them shunned by their churches, left to themselves to rebuild their lives. Some were urged to forgive their abusers or to get abortions.

Everybody who pays attention to this problem knows that the Southern Baptists, the basement-dwellers of an innately degrading religion, have been lying about, covering-up, and even enabling, sexual abuse for years. Read this, print it out, and share it with every Southern Baptist you know.

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