Creepy theology-related tweet of the day

The @BethMooreLPM tweet in the preceding post inspired some pushback because it is, you know … crazy.

Shirley Taylor recalled some similarly crazy stuff she had heard from a different “spiritual leader.”

To her credit, Shirley renounced that teaching.

But others, just as I said, are made to feel inadequate by the tweet.

I repeat: The 1st-Century Jewish sect that became Christianity was a cult, and the New Testament is the literature of a cult — and the Jesus-first teaching, and the flat-out bizarre Jesus-is-my-sex-partner schtick, are the teachings of a cult. No less than Charles Manson or Warren Jeffs or Bhagwan Rajneesh, the Jesus-cult is threatened by healthy marriages and families — and so its teachings connive against them.

Do your spouse and your children and the dog a favor Sunday morning and go to the park instead.

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