Dismal theology-related headline of the day

The Supreme Court Just Ended My Military Career

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No one, including the lawyers for the Trump administration, has been able to show that inclusion of transgender service members or providing care to them has had any measurable negative impact on morale, readiness or unit cohesion. The chiefs of staff of all four service branches of the military have testified to Congress that there have been no issues.

This goes directly to the only licit question: Does the presence of transgender troops impair the ability of our armed forces to fight?

If the judgment of the people I have to trust to know is that it does, I would hold my nose and support Trump’s ban. If it does not — as seems to be the case — then transgenders who wish to join the military should be able to do so.

This ban is nothing but a sop to the Evangelical Right, those troubled delusionaries who think an Invisible Wizard is sitting on a cloud somewhere and inventorying the whereabouts of more than 3.5-billion male whatsits, and frowning angrily when he loses track of one because it’s hidden beneath a skirt. I say again, then: Never permit the Godly to go messing with grown-up stuff.

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