God plays favorites

Bruce Gerencser notes a curious instance of God protecting some Baptists, but allowing others to be killed.

Tony Dwayne Albert II, dressed in tactical gear and carrying a loaded firearm, was headed to First Baptist Church in Vidor, Texas to do some killing when police thwarted and arrested him. Mass shooting averted. Amen, right? Amen. Afterward, Terry Wright, the pastor of First Baptist, said: “There is an overwhelming recognition that the Lord protected us and provided for us.”

[ … ]

But what about what happened at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Spring, Texas? Devin Patrick Kelley entered the church and killed twenty-six people and wounded twenty others. If God was so loving and caring when it came to the people in Vidor, what does the series of events in Sutherland Springs say about his indifference towards the people there?

It’s not really my specialty, but I’m speculating that the Sutherland Spring folk were theologically flawed; they probably treated gay people with ordinary human decency, or doubted the absolute inerrancy of the Bible (that talking snake business can be hard to get past), or some such. In any case, the “discrepancy” (discrepancy according to our pitiful no damn good minds, that is) doubtless furthered His Mysterious Plan.

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