Bloggers make Jesus lonely

Here’s a story from the Wartburg Watch that, if I encountered it someplace else, I’d probably dismiss out-of-hand as make-believe.

Today, I spent some time going back over the stories surrounding the lawsuit that James MacDonald/HBC (hereafter knowns as JM/HBC) have filed against the bloggers. An action by JM/HBC made me sit up and take notice. Religion News Service posted Harvest Bible Chapel sues bloggers for spreading ‘false information’ on 11/8/18. How had I overlooked this? Many people who read this blog, myself included, like to discuss theology and this one fits the bill. I highlight the section of particular interest to me.

The plaintiffs asked a judge for a restraining order to stop the defendants from publishing information about MacDonald and the church while the lawsuit moves forward.

“Defendants’ false and defamatory statements have a negative impact on Plaintiffs’ ability to convert new persons to the faith, maintain their congregation and raise the funds necessary to operate,” the petition claims.

The judge denied the request.

So … I guess evangelicals’ enthusiasm for the First Felon is grounded partly in a shared hostility to a free press.

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